Queer Games Bundle 2021

Here’s the rumored Pride month bundle.
Queer Games Bundle 2021 (Pay What You Can Edition).

Pay a minimum of 10$ for 236 games/zines/software, you are encouraged to pay 60$ if you can afford it, all the money is shared equally between the 195 creators in order to raise a livable wage for these queer creators.

Not as cheap as the other bundle, but there’s hot seagulls in your area:

Also note, some of the games might be of adult content.


Hot Seagulls and Hugging Dinos, I am so in.


Flight Simulator 20xx Infinity

I can also recommend the various creations of alienmelon, go make yourself a zine.

Of course, i will add that many of these items are free or name-your-own-price AND features lots of visual novels and gamejam items. Please support them if you can afford, if not, browse the list and play some queer games for free.