Is there any guitar hero game for pc?

I’ve seen some people streaming guitar hero, so I was just wondering if there was any version of the game/emulator that a computer could run :v:t2:


Unfortunately not. The people you see streaming it are most likely doing so using a capture card which lets them run their playstation’s video feed through a computer to be recorded and streamed.


Oh well, that sucks. But thanks for answering anyway


I think I know which streamers you’re talking about, in that case they may be using Guitar Hero III for PC.

However you’re likely to have better luck with Clone Hero, it’s free, easier to setup, easier to get custom songs and so on.

I’m sure if you google either you’ll eventually head in the right direction.


Well look at that, I had no idea they actually released one for PC. I wonder how possible it is to get a hold of a copy.

There is Rocksmith as well

Though I believe it is more about using and learning to play a real guitar than the more arcady rhythm style game that guitar hero offers.


oh that sounds great, thanks man!


and if you’re on a budget, there’s always Frederic.


You could definitely emulate the ps2 or wii games too.

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I used to play Frets on Fire, a poor man’s version of Guitar Hero in the old days.


Well, Harmonix made a Rock Band VR title. Unfortunately, Activision hated their PC players until this generation (and arguably still do), so most of their games ignored PC outright back in the day. They also singlehandedly oversaturated and killed the music genre, so they’re more or less done making Guitar Hero titles for a good long while.

Like I said, it seems like Rock Band VR is the best option. They recommend playing with the Xbox One / PS4 models for Rock Band 4, though they have a longer list of compatible gear on their site. It’s also Windows 10 Anniversary Edition Exclusive.
All the fun of buying a thousand expensive accessories just to play Rock Band, just like in the good ol’ days!

If you want to see the full compatibility list, it’s the same as it was in Rock Band 4: