Is there an option for every deal to be emailed to you?

It seems that it only sends me like 1 of every 3 deals or less and i was wondering if there was an option or if i am missing or if i misread something.

I went through all the options and i cant find one that would email me every deal and cause of it i already missed out on a game or 2 that i wanted.

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Hey ShadowRose,

Unfortunately, we don’t have that option just yet, but we’re working on it! We’re hesitant to email every day until we have options in place so people can choose not to get them daily. We know a lot of people don’t like to get bombarded with emails. In the meantime, you can follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed, or visit the site. :slight_smile:

Then why not add different levels to it with the default being off then like once every 2 deals then like 3 and 5 and once a week along with the every deal choice?

That would give a good diversity of choices and it wouldn’t annoy anyone who signs up since the default is off.

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That’s exactly the type of stuff we’re adding, we’re just not quite done with it yet.

Okie dokie.

Its nice to know it will be an option in the future so i don’t miss any other deals.

Maybe you will add an option to link your deals with your steam wishlist to notify you if a specific game you want happens to come on.

Although i dunno if that would be used much.

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I’d like this to happen sooner or later, or make a separate newsletter for this.

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Just to let everyone know if you signed up to be notified about deals we’re starting to email every day. So you shouldn’t miss deals anymore! :slight_smile:

I use Feed Notifier so I don’t miss out on checking the daily deal.

These are my settings
Feed URL -
Feed Title -
Feed Link -
Polling Interval - 1 (hours)

You can also set it to stay on top until dismissed under the Pop-ups tab, but even if you uncheck it the pop-up will still hover over the desktop which is nice.