Is 'The Witcher Adventure Game' worth a purchase?

Really that’s about it what i want to ask.

It’s 1,49 on humblebundle now and i’m big Witcher fan and generally enjoy tabletop games so maybe some Chronies have played it and could lend me their opinions :slight_smile:

Steam’s ‘Mostly Positive’ sounds really fishy to me.


TBF, I’ve checked the board game years ago… never bought it and never played it, but it looked like over complicated for no reason for what it is. It looks like plenty of reading and not that much options to do stuff. No idea for the virtual game though. Doesn’t seem it got improved and barely anyone played it…


Played it years ago so I don’t remember everything. But if you like The Witcher universe, its characters, etc… It’s definitely worth trying it out. It’s actually quite a complex board game, there are several decisions to make depending on your chosen character and win conditions, instead of simply rolling your dice, wait for your turn and then roll again. You have to figure things out on your own though, because I don’t remember the game tutorial explaining all that much. And if you don’t want to play with AI, you have to find your own players since very few people still play it online now.


It’s a GOG key on Humble for it :blush: Purchased it myself and I didn’t realise. So just a heads up :sunflower:


Ogh,well that solves my dilemma then. Thanks for taking a bullet for a team Acorn!


It seems my prophecy is coming true. Humble is starting to carry GOG keys, this might be a small first step but I’m hopeful this means we’ll see more of it in the future.

Although they could have made a slightly bigger notice out of it. This being a new odd thing it would behoove them to make sure buyers are aware.


As long as the bullets aren’t acorns :thinking: then we’re good :laughing:

Gasp. The ancient prophecy? The one foretold? :laughing:


I remember this coming out ages ago. Had thought it was linked to your GOG account somehow, hm. Never played, so I’m curious. You guys game to try it out?


pretty sure that was always the case with CDPR games? :thinking:
i don’t really recall their witcher games coming with steam keys on humble anytime in recent years


Don’t spoil this for me now.

From everything I’ve heard about this game it’s just not that good. As much as I love the Witcher franchise and it’s world I think I’d rather spend my time playing other, better board games.