Is the reward system fair for all?

First of all I would like to say that the idea is great and refreshing.

That said, I ve been reading the forum lately and I saw that the rewards are different for all of us.Not by much but still.

So my question is this. If 2 or more people have claimed everything since day 1 will they be able to purchace a game (like Brigador) at the same time?

Let’s say that the guys have… 100 Brigador copies and we also have 150 people on a streak since day 1, who will get the copies? The first 100 people that clicked that coin button or the first 100 luckier people that the other 50?

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Each coin flip is fair but random within a given range. So the first 100 people to accumulate 5000 coins, who want to spend them on the game will get the game. I guess I’m confused by your use of the word “fair”. It’s fair in regards to how there are no favorites played by the devs. But there is an element of uncertainty in the draw. I missed the opening day, but I got a really good 7-day chest, so Im actually ahead of a buddy, even though he started collecting coins a day before me.


‘‘so Im actually ahead of a buddy’’ and that’s what I am talking about. I am here from day one and I think it would be unfair for someone to have more coins than me if he started after day 1.

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It may not have really been around long to say for sure, but I’d imagine over time it would even back out. They’ll miss days or you’ll have days where you get more then they do.

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deathsummer really should stay away from all games of chance. Their understanding of the word “fair” is at variance with reality. farplanedragon: yeah id expect that too.

I prefer to look at it from the perspective that BECAUSE the bonuses are random for everyone, it benefits and hinders EVERYBODY (I’ve had bonuses of both 0 and 8 on different days), making it fair in the sense that lucky people can also have the worst bonus rolls.

Another way to look at it, would be that those who bought the lower priced games, will reset. They have their prize, and now they start from a much lower number. If you look at Dustforce DX, it took longer for people to claim it all, and that’s because the three cheaper games have slowed down a huge group of people. All that’s remaining who are much closer to the higher priced game are those who either joined in later (and couldn’t afford the cheaper games at the time), or those who have been saving up from the beginning and resisted buying any other game, but I don’t see that being a vast majority of us. Most of us already claimed a game and will wait even longer for the next upcoming game on the shop.