is csgo there?

is it?

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is csgo where? you need to explain yourself more


Actuall rather than answer my question I will help you out with a handy list based on possible ways you could answer.

Is it:

  • Available to play? - Yes, it has been released for many years
  • On the internet available for purchase? - Sure is
  • On Steam for purchase? - Yes again Link
  • Purchasable from other sites? - Yes, though I don’t know how reputable they are, better to buy it from Steam
  • On as a daily deal? - No, it hasn’t been so far
  • In the coin shop? - Not yet, probably never, but we did just have Dead Cells so who knows
  • On your computer? - Nope I don’t usually play FPS, I do only on the rare occasion, so I have never purchased it
  • On my computer? - I am guessing not since you are asking about it here, though maybe you are trying to get it for a friend, who knows, I am sure you can answer that easily yourself

Its on the horizon.


nah, u just missed it