Is 15 days streak more efficient than 30

According to my current stats 30 days seem to be less effective than 15 days is that just me?

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can’t really see how you get those stats considering
14-day chest max bonus 1000coins (+500 from 3+7day-150+350) max total 1500 bonus over 14days
30-chest max bonus 2500 coins, but minimum 2000,
so you get minimum 2x your first 14day reward, but on average even more, for those extra 16 days on top the first 14
to a potential bonus of 4k a month, =2k “14day” using 30streaks, vs 1500 your way of 2week streaks only
(all estimates are from personal experiences only over 7 streaks, no official data yet)


I think the confusion comes from the idea that 1500x2 is more than 2500, but you earn 1500+2500 when going for the full 30. So a full month’s income is 4000 with these example numbers. So it’s more than 2x14 day streaks.


i can’t remember when/what streak i decided to try figure out “which streak combo would be most efficient”
but no matter how i went by it, 10x3, 4x7, 2x14, they all came up less compared to going the full 30days, given the streak estimates i had then (and now)
and while it might not be much, those 500extra sure does add up in the long run

and even if someone smart thinks, “hey wait a minute there mister gnome! I clearly recall you saying you’re bad at mafs in earlier posts, and 30day streaks is 2 more days than 14x2. It all adds up in the long run you just said gnomey”
and you’d be correct on all accounts
so given we take a max potential of 1500 coins over 14 days
and the minimum 30day chest(but added to the same 14day total for fairness) we get 3500 over 30days
that means that after 14 months,
by going 2week chests only, you’d get 45000coins maximum (my calculator tells me this, not my brain)
and going by 30day streaks you’d get minimum 49000coins (same calculator, so if it was wrong before it’s probably wrong here too) :wink:
so 30day streaks seem to win out no matter what, even given the 2day extras it take to claim 30day chest :smile:

that’s gonna be enough maf for me the rest of the month :face_with_head_bandage:


none of your figures here makes any sense.
If you’re doing 14 day streaks for 14 months you’ve done 28 streaks right? With a possible 1500 per 2 weeks? That comes out to 42000
While the 30 day streaker during the same time has completed 14 legendary streaks for 3500 for a total of 49000 but that’s NOT a minimum.

You’re also failing to take into account that in order to do 14 day streaks you have to miss a day every 2 weeks so it comes out to 30 days even anyway and if you’re going to be pedantic that’s also ~25x2 coins average less every month as well.


14day streaks for 14months (month=30) is 30 streaks not 28 (in order to get a value both added up to evenly, just multiplied month streak + 14day streak = 420)

and you are indeed correct that in order to miss, you’d have to be absent a day, thus technically losing out on one of the bonus days the 2day grace period grants you, and not truly have 30x14 streaks

but again this was for effect and a stated maximum potential (which is utterly unobtainable this way), so 14 day chests over 14month = 30 chests to a total of 45000 (which is a max theoretical potential, unobtainable in real world scenario, in actual practice it’s even less)
and the 30days streak of 49000 would be minimum in this sense
since to make it fair we would have to use the same 14day reward as the counterpart in the equation, being 1500, then to get minim 30day streak using the minimum 30day chest which is 2000, and 3500*14 = 49000 my calculator says (and unlike the 2week chest method, this is obtainable)
and it’s not the true minimum, since the first 14 day can vary (but then those same variable will have to be applied to the other half of the calculation for fairness), but it’s the minimum you’d get in sense of using the 30day chest, (at least i have never seen it below 2k)
but that’s still minimum, not even potential max, or even average earnings going by 14month legendary streak method


But it isn’t though. Because in order to get the 14 streak to reset you have to abandon day 15, then run for another 14 days streak to day 29 and abandon day 30. Therefor it still takes 30 days to do 2 streaks of 14.


yea i get that, how it actually function in practice vs simplified math adding up

but instead of me saying “no you don’t really have those 2 days extra”, i thought it be better to illustrate that even if those 2 days were to be taken into account, it still adds up less than 30day streak

because even the smallest 30day streak chest gives you 500 more total, or 250 per 14week streak

so while it might not have been correctly applied technically, the math was still “correct”, and useful in seeing; even at it’s best, it’s not worth it to only go for 14day streaks, but 30day beats them, even in the long run because minimum extra 250 every 14days, from just the smallest 30day chest
(still interested in finding out if others have had better/worse chests tho)

and like i said, mafs ain’t my strong suit, so never expect me to get overly correctly detailed technicalities using it. I’ll always use it as simple as possible while trying to stay adequately accurate to the task needed
(also why i left out the daily coins, to only show the chests alone)


You guys sure are putting a lot of thought into this. I just click the shiny coin and happily go about my day.


Well sure, but we don’t all have lollipops and awesome sweaters!


Whatever I was expecting from these forums, it certainly wasn’t Father Jack :joy:


But is there any reason to go beyond 30 days execpt building up your longest streak? Is there a secret 100 days streak or something? why shouln’d I be rewarded for building a streak longer that a month but be forced to skip a day and restart?


to maintain “max” potential coins,
as by skipping out on day 31, you push your streak back a day (meaning delayed time for when receiving chest bonus) and you miss out on that days daily coins. so if you consequently skip out on just 1 day, that’s so far 250+coins missed (25*10(going by 300 days, =10streaks, 10x1 skipped day 25coins avg day)


why should you?
and you are not forced to skip a day and restart, the streak and bonus chests keep counting at same intervals as your streak continues,
you are never supposed to skip a day and restart, -much less forced

continuing your streak is the best and most efficient
but if your streak were to break, it’s more “optimal” when/if lucky enough, that it “break” as close to the first day after “day1” mark, (since breaking a 29th streak sucks more than breaking a day 2 streak) even if that’s on day 31, or 91 or 271 (vs the “9s” of those streaks)


I think maybe you don’t realise that after day 30 the chests start again, you get the 3 day chest on day 33, 7 day chest on day 37 and so on.

So while there is no special 100 day chest, there are still chests, don’t reset your streak just keep going.


I think maybe you don’t realise that after day 30 the chests start again

Yes thats it, thanks. I wasn’t aware of that.