Iron Harvest is free on Steam... kinda?

Go to this link and click install, and it’ll be added to your account:

Might be a bug because the store page still shows the price.


I think it’s gonna happen to this game what did to Torque Drift. Probably this is gonna be F2P anytime soon, either for a limited time like Little Nightmares or permanent.


That’s highly unlikely.

The license you’re getting is the Iron Harvest ( CoreClient CYS Only )
It’s automatically registered by Steam when you send steam://install/826630 to Steam client (by clicking on the steam.db’s install button) because this license package has a “Free on Demand” BillingType set.

My bet is that it’s related to the introduction of the Iron Harvest Operation Eagle Standalone version of the game and changes in the licensing and app structures.

The change results in the base game currently consisting of a game client and a newly introduced DLC - “Iron Harvest - Iron Harvest 1920+” - which is the license for the base game content itself.

Compare the contents of license packages for:

The depos are the same in all three cases, but it’s the licenses that provide entitlements and actual access to content in-game.

If - by any chance - this new client-only license still allows you to play the actual base game content, I’m betting they’ll fix the relationships/flags soon.

Company of Heroes 2 for example has the same type of licensing/app structure. The base game consists of a client and a DLC (Company of Heroes 2 - Standard Game) that delivers the actual base game content. It’s to accommodate additional standalone versions of the game, like Company of Heroes 2 - The British Forces etc.


Yes, they will be adding it for free. It usually says “complimentary” in your license page when they release it for free. This probably came before the announcement itself.


Hmm, thanks for clarifying.

This reminds me from Welcome to Princeland, which was once given away for free on Indiegala a while ago: there’s the SP version (which was the one given for free) and the full, multiplayer version available on Steam with all the online features.

But let’s wait and see. In a few days we’ll know what they’re up to.


The way I’m reading steamdb is that the free license (after it’s published and the cleanup is done) might at best (if anything at all) provide access to a multiplayer only client + maaaybe a small portion of the campaign content.

If they actually do a full game free promo, I’ll eat my shoe and I’ll be happy to do so.


Thanks @spinoute :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I added it and it comes up as the full game in my library, so, might still be worth grabbing.


I just did it, and my Steam client just loads the store page where I can buy it. So maybe the ability has expired? :eyes: :drum:

EDIT: And I do NOT see it in my Library.


Ouch. :frowning:


The game is still on my library because I got it before they fixed it.


I still have it too.


I’m very glad that people who got it early still have it. Good! I browse through chrono once or twice a day. Yesterday, I finished before this thread started, so I’m not surprised that I was too late today. No worries though. About 90% of the time I catch these posts in time. :nerd_face: