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Introvert's Antidote - Handheld game system


Hey my dudes - the ones who know about phone / android stuff… Can I run DS stuff too like Locke’s Quest?


Duck Duck Go says. YES! But not Free.


Hm. Found an option to buy a DS version for days I can sneak away with bestie’s DS - now pondering which is the better way to go.


It’s not available yet…have to pre order it…I just read the Google Play store…


I’ll likely get the DS version then. Love Tower Defense games but don’t play them on computer anymore. It’s an addiction, lol.


Have you played…

I have a spare key with all the DLC.


Aw… that’s so pretty - no never played it before. ^^ If you can spare the key, I’d love to try it out. :heart:


It’s 3 keys…give me a min…:heavy_heart_exclamation:


Yes. RetroArch or DraStic are emulators for the phone. (free and paid, respectively) Then you just need the ROM. I found locks quest pretty easily.


Oh? So it’s a matter of know then because if so, cool. :smile:


Yup. Third party games for a system are the easiest to find. Stuff like Mario Kart is harder.


How much is the paid one? Is that one easier to use / better etc?


5 USD. When I used it a long while back it was better, but RetroArch may have updated itself and gotten better.

Apparently the demo was removed from Google Play


@Danacscott Well you can run DS emulators on mobile phones, look into RetroArch it actually emulates most older consoles on mobile in one app, at least on Android

:laughing: I replied before reading all the other posts and seeing the other comments about RetroArch, I use it regularly and aside from a few issues with the menu I don’t have much trouble using it on my Kindle Fire tablet