introducing miself

Well i think i forget introduce me properly

my name is Ariel cacronia is a nickname old originally my nick is cack, asirmi ,etc.

Im alone person , no relationship with other people ,hang out in small frecuent you say i live my days in my house . im not social because im not have friends and introvert person,i not like multitudes.

Im student but im very vague ,no jobs for the same reason.

thats all i think ,cheers


Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:
I used to be a lot like you (alone introvert) but life changes. One year you’re where you are now and the next your life turns around completely.
I still only have 1 friend, 2 if my wife counts too but life is so much better than it used to be.
I got a job, i learned more about the world, the people and myself. I traveled to foreign countries, experienced different cultures and found my place among it all. Being an introvert is a gift, learn to use it and be yourself.

Have a nice day and God bless you. :heart:


I am glad you are here. I can’t remember(CRS kicking in) whether I met you on Steam or GOTD. :crazy_face:

There’s no pressure here. You can be as introverted or be a loner all you want. Or you can join in… It’s your choice.


Don’t worry about friends. I had lots of them and they are just to teach you how to socialize and civilize you (if you choose good ones). Bonus points for memories of them when you’re older.

Welcome to the forums and stuff.


i forgot i have a transtorn

a problem call ataxia because i dont balance well in street i lost this


Welcome to Chrono Castle. Many introverts here loving this cozy corner of Internet. This place is a Nexus of good fun and feels.

Feel free to be as weird as you want too. We’re all a little zany, but sweet ^^

I’m pretty much been a shut-in most of life. Hate crowds. I work best in smol situations, best is one one one.

Nyerere oh and I pet the cute sloths, puppers and even @M00

Pleasure to meet cha.


Do you use a cane or walker? Hope you have some family near to help out if they can…


no i dont use any only a templates for my foots but my balance is bad sometimes a doctor said is a problem afect a small porcion of people

one time inclusive im a fall in street with bags two of them other time i fall balance in the bus


M y SIL has vertigo so I had read about ataxia too in my readings.

She can’t drive etc…


Welcome hi! :grin:

Yeah a lot of us are probably introverts haha, myself definitely included xd


Bienvenido, welcome Ariel! I hope you make yourself at home here.

Me alegra tanto verte tan involucrado con la gente aqui, I love seeing the community interact like this. I’m Jonathan, and I’m a student too! If there’s ever anything you need, feel free to call on the people here.

Y acabo de terminar jugando Danganronpa 2 por la primera vez, me encanta tu foto :yum:.


danganrompa 2 is a good game i dont know the times repeat the adventure and achievements XD


I am not really an introvert. But I am curious about things and people. My gaming mentor (WhiteRabbit from GOTD) turn me onto gaming to use as Pain Management. I have arthritis in my neck and riddled through my spine and I have it in my fingers too. So I am new to gaming


Welcome @cacronia it is nice to meet you. We’ll be friendly here. :sparkles::postal_horn::sparkles:


Welcome @cacronia hope you find this place as a home, also, es genial conocer mas gente que hable español a parte de @FacuBlues, a lo mejor me estoy olvidadando de alguien mas pero espero que disfrutes tu estadia :call_me_hand:


gracias che por darme la bienvenida,es re loco encontrar gente que hable español aquí jejj


Bienvenido @cacronia. Un compatriota por lo que veo!