international chronogg

can chronogg add international priceses ?
like south amereica
asia or idk


But why…?


Are you asking for regional pricing or just an approximated currency conversion?
Regardless, the site already has a couple topics on the matter, here’s one in case you’re interested

@AHMEDJXZ depending on your region, prices can end up being higher here than on Steam, even on discount, if it is currency conversion, I’d be nice to know approximately how much you may end up spending.

^ Not sure if anything has changed since June '18 but looks like this is on ‘the list of things to do’. ^

^ another short but sweet post on this topic with other perspectives ^

Either or, hope all works out in the end for those in different regions.


For me, prices are always more expensive here than on Steam, even at a discount, not only because of currency conversion but because of bank taxes I have to pay over them as well.

I’m going to sound bitter now but I’m really tired of asking the Chrono staff about this for as long as I have and getting no estimate or update on when it might be done.

I only made one purchase on Chrono – because it was really cheap and I ended up paying exactly what I could pay for the game at full price on Steam, just so I could support the site – and I don’t intend on making another.

Adding a currency converter is, imho, the least they could do towards making the site more international, but I don’t see them pushing for it, so I am interpreting that as it not being their priority right now.

Likewise, purchasing from Chrono is also not my priority right now.


Well my credit card expired years ago and never bothered to renew it because of the taxes…
Been using other methods for payments since then…

Used Bitcoin for years but not all sites accepts it…


Totally fair, it’s definitely on our roadmap, sorry that we haven’t been able to get it out sooner. :frowning:


Sadly, I cannot use other locally-suported payment methods with Chrono. I can with Steam and GOG, which is yet another reason why I’m currently purchasing from them as well.

As always, I’m forever waiting and I’m sure others are too. Looking forward!