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Why would I do anything that pointless? and proof of what?
I shared an anecdote about my experience with the game, I then sought to verify my memory of the event. By finding I was by far not the only person who’ve had an issue with telling friend from foe in this game I have successfully done so. It would also appear that many people rely on something other than this tag system you’ve mentioned. I’m glad the tag system exists and were I to play the game again I’d certainly seek to turn it on.

But again from yet another thread you’ve posted:

Name tags can be a bit of an anomaly at times. They do not appear instantaneously, so you must be looking at a guy for a few seconds to see the tag pop up

But do not rely on name tags to identify who is a teammate or not. Try to remember your teams uniforms to help identifying without a magic little piece of text over their heads, and don’t be trigger happy. Also try to memorize the audible differences between friendly and enemy gunfire. US and Britain have more higher pitched pops while AKs are much deeper and more beefier sounding

So yeah name tags not a very dependable system to tell friends from foe in this game leading me back to my initial point.

Unfortunately I did not record myself playing this game however many years ago this was so I can’t prove to you that I had this problem and I quite frankly do not understand why you’d ask me to.



I just wouldn’t want ppl to assume that’s how the game is for everyone, I never had that problem and just wanna stress that one is not supposed to have that problem either. It’s a great game if one is into that type of game.

the fact that u were getting kicked for it does illustrate that yr not rly supposed to have that problem to that extent too, u know. i know i’d teamkill or get teamkilled now and then too cuz reflexes, even in cs go, but i don’t ever remember that happening to the extent that someone got banned, but then again, for me there were clear nametags there, so one isn’t supposed to have that problem to that extent in the first place

that being said, im not trying to deny you had that issue, apparently others have it too, just saying that it’s not supposed to be the default experience


I really think that players having to learn to differentiate friend from foe only by their visuals is what’s the game is going for. On the other hand this is probably the most “realistic” series in FPS and there’s always people that will rage at new players not initially knowing this. You can’t fight such issues without match making. They aim for real military scenarios and that’s why you need to be really fast on judging the look of everyone in split seconds like in real world situations.

It’s great game though and I remember having no name tags as well at least for half of the games I’ve played.