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Insurgency bought but i didnt buy it


I havent used chrono in a long time but somehow my coins were redeemed was there a security thing I should know about or was this a website glitch.


Haven’t heard anyone else having their coins accidentally used…

I am going to move this to the site feedback section of the forums, because that’s where the site admin can see it and maybe help you out.

We will also give them a heads up with the @ call, so @lonin, @frst, @dusty, and @Ernin8t0r, they may be able to assist you.


ty for the assistance


I think there was a thing a while back where this was happening. Hasn’t happened for a long time but as you said you havent logged in for a while either. I’m sure the chrono lads will get in touch with you soon


Here is the original thread for the problem


there was an issue with that a while back, you should send an email to Chrono Support; and they will sort you out
(if the @Ernin8t0r or @lonin or other admins have already private messaged you on forum, feel free to disregard my reply)


I just received a mail that I use my coins for buying Insurgency and FORCED. I thought I was hacked so I immediatly changed my password. I also redeemed the key immediatly in case my email got hacked too (and change it’s password too). Since I redeemed the codes I won’t whine to the support but I hope it was just an issue (but still, rip my saved up coins :sob: :° )


You should really send an email to and let them know what happened so if there is any fall out, you have your bases covered.


what @delenn13 said, especially given that this has happened to a number of ppl before, specifically with insurgency


I’m curious now as to what the common denominator behind this is. Like did people click on the description or mouse over it in some way that triggered it? Seems like it could be anything really.