Insurgency again but expensive

Its a little unfair for the new guys who came a bit later to buy this one, or this already happen before with other game ?

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Prices on commodities varies in time based on circumstances, but yeah I’d agree it’s a little weird that it’s 1500 coins more than the first time around.

Still a game given away for free though so it’s kind of hard to complain too much about it.


i think it’s because the price correspond to the amount of coins you get from the daily deals these days? :thinking:
so if it was “lower” you’d end up with still a surplus after getting a game/more coins than intended, sorta ? :man_shrugging:


im not complaining about the price but for putting the same game twice.

nothing to complaint about really, no rules about not featuring same game multiple times (such notion is silly anyway)
+if you’d read around the forum you’d have seen that Insurgency, specifically, has been asked to get on chrono again from multiple people either missing out on it, or just wanting it
so fairly nice move of chrono to re-feature a popular/repeat requested game like that


thanks for that info, now that you said that i remember a few asking some for playing with.


IMO, 1500 Chrono coins is a lot less of a price hike than paying actual money for it. It’s still a great deal either way, the only difference is it ties into the E3 promotion this time around.

If I had to take a guess, the 1500 coins is a fee for the effort that has gone into this Chrono Store release. I mean, look at this.

Do you see that? I can barely even tell where the GIF ends. That’s incredible! I’d pay 2000 coins for that GIF!