Insight mars landing streaming live

if those kind of things interest you, you dont want to miss that


Thank you for posting this, will definitely be watching.


That is great, thank you. I guess it’s one of these extra cases where I will remember not only the actual streaming, but also where I was, what drink did I have and with whom did I chat while watching this.


now if there was something to actually see…


Can’t believe I missed this.

Thanks anyways.


there was way more than just seeing it land, the fact that it takes 8 minutes ish to send a command from earth to the relay around mars that then that pass the command to the insight, we had to send a program with pre registered command for the whole entry and landing actions(that was updated about an hour before the approach begin) and still made it, shows that our research on mars was accurate enough to allow a successful landing mission. it’s the first successful landing on mars in the last 15 years (might not be accurate… cant find the source i had)

to say there was nothing to see is a bit harsh… it wasn’t “hollywood like” as a SpaceX launch where most people are more interested in the booster crashing than the payload, but there were things to see. those things might not interest you tho.

first picture taken 3 minutes after the landing

first selfie taken once the dust cover of the lens was removed


well y, i actually saw the “landing” and watched up to the first picture, but like i said, i fail to see the point of watching a bunch of ppl go nuts in a room and did not derive any benefit from it, especially given that u just shared the only interesting thing that there was to actually see