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Insect identification and more


Gnuffi I am sorry to here that. It must be horrible to have a borderline phobia of something that can be almost anywhere.


it’s not so bad that they are almost everywhere, the bad part is for some reason they all seem to be super attracted to me, especially my “face area” for some reason, whenever they do start to be around :grimacing:
(tons of yellow jackets this summer for some reasons, plenty of “outdoor moments” involving a “frozen” gnuff -then promptly running away/indoors) :smile:


Must be because you’ve got Danish all over your face.


:joy: :rofl: :+1:


If I feared them I wouldn’t be able to leave my house. We have a big oak tree not too far from our back door. This tree has a huge vine taking it over that flowers and bees of all sorts love it. Thousands of them right out my back door. The monarch butterflies like it also though so it does just bring in the bees. The family property on the river where we camp and kayak also has tons of bees because my father in law keeps bees there for honey. So I guess to me it seems like they are everywhere.


an ant farm is a very specific sort of container, Typically sand inside of a clear glass tube, so you can see belowground tunneling etc. I simply keep ants in trays, so there is not any tunneling.

Also the purpose of an ant farm is very different from my housing arenas.


Can i tell you my story with insects? ( PS: Graphical Content )!!!
Well… as you know, I’ve been lately in the army… Unfortunately, i had to spend a 6 month sentence because I’m 1 and a half year late ( well… literally first time placing a foot in my homeland (born and raised aboard) , got dragged within 6 mins to cells :rofl: )
Until my papers were ready, i already spent a month in prison… but jezz, the experience you get there is unbelievable bcz the type of people you meet there… you’ll never see on the streets ( that s why they re chained XD) But that s not the main story.

THE STORY IS: The cell i was in was overcrowded (yup… 3rd world country). It was a 4m x 4m cell and held 64 prisoner with no windows… we all had to stand, no place to even sit or sleep… i had 5 days with no sleep, so i went crazy. Therefore i headed straight to the toilet and grabbed a pair of radroaches (damn you fallout… i meant roaches ), washed them, and released them once in position… Everybody started screaming and running away ( well, we only had our boxers on bcz we aren t allowed to bring anything there including shoes bcz… they fear suicides ) so nothing to kill them with… Once prisoners started climbing over each others, i layed down on the floor, and took a fkin nap :rofl:

That was my first time 1)holding an insect 2)Got rid of my fear from big insects like cockroaches 3)Got stomped by cockroaches swarming my face XD

Side note: I Am no longer in jail bcz charges were dropped since i carry 2 citizenships and proof that i live aboard XD


mammal spiders @hivefleetbothan , lol:


@M00 Can those proteins be processed by the human body thou? raw eggs for example, have a lot of protein in them, but your body will dispose all of it unless it has been cooked.
Cool random fact none the less.

That sounds like you make them battle to the death or something like that


Is that a condition for anything? I don’t think anyone is planning to commercialize their milk :rofl::rofl::rofl:


We’re going to have to start breeding these spiders for size and milk production and set up huge spider farms replacing all the old obsolete cows.



I don’t think spiders do have nipples, but then again neither does almonds so they’re clearly not the ultimate limiting factor.


y, apparently the milk is secreted from their “egg-laying openings”, but I’m sure @Gnuffi could manage to find their nipples somehow, and then proceed to milk them just like Ben Stiller does in the Gif (10/10 btw :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:)


What’s their secondary typing? I do know they’re “Bug” Type, but Bug and what? Also what’s their Abilities, hidden and obvious? :rofl:


their hidden ability is that when gnomes try to steal their milk, they secrete venom instead


Something like that…

@M00 Quite an interesting study thanks for the link.