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Insect identification and more


Hold The Door!!!


You mean …The same site your son got those graphic programs??? We aim to please!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yup!! She just has a misconception of gamers even though she lives with 2 of them. These same pictures she has sent off to find an answer years ago and never got one. Together in less then 2 hours we gamers figured out the mystery! That has to be a big step into destroying those misconceptions :grinning:


GGWP we found it ( i can include myself even though i did nothing but read right?:thinking: that’s how internet works right?:fearful: )

You're Banned!

Certainly not an issue, I certainly include myself, even though I was only at the first few pages of a dichotomous key hating life when we solved the identify issue.



“well hello there, creature of my nightmares”


Clearly not a gnome who lives by salt water or familiar with the Bobbit worm.


Bobbit worms are scary!!! I watched a video of a guy with a salt water tank. He couldn’t figure out what was moving his huge pieces of corals. He found out a six foot bobbit worm came in one of the corals he had bought. If I found some monster like that in my tank i don’t know what I would do:open_mouth:


How big is your tank? I don’t own a saltwater tank (I keep a freshwater one at home) but I do care for a 125 gallon tank at my office.


I have 2 tanks both freshwater for axolotls. one is a 55gal and the other is a 20gal long.


This is the 55gal female tank. Vladimira the Inhaler is the blue one on the right and the golden albino hiding behind the drift wood is Medusa.


Fantastic. Vladimira is a 'big un (actually they both are). How old are they?


All 3 of our axotlots are about a year and a half old. Mr pink our male leucistic (he resides in the 20L) is our biggest, he measures in at 10 1/2 inches long.


Here is a photo of Mr Pink just so he can get some attention too :laughing:


My fish isn’t being particularly photogenic right now. I will take some ant pictures on Saturday and show those instead.


My wife, being the photographer has all the good photos. The ones I took are just from my phone. This talk with you makes me think, maybe I will start a pet post. Do you keep an ant farm?


Vladimira was just Vlad the inhaler until we put him and me pink in the 55g together. 4 days later Vlad laid 400ish eggs. The wife took 2 photos a day of one egg to capture the development process. It was very interesting being able to see them develop like that. She needs to put them in a slide show or something though so I we can share that experience with others. Mr. Pink also started out as princess pinky pie until he dropped um … Big ole boy bits. I guess we are bad at guessing sexes :rofl:


Nope, just a lot of ants for research purposes.


in yr pockets?

(what i mean is, wouldn’t anything u keep them in be considered an ant farm by default? [pardon my ignorance; it’s an honest inquiry])


well, just so happens i do, but i suppose our northern climate & waters doesn’t exactly foster such wiggly alien grubs :smile:

tho i’d still say i’m more freaked out about the/that dripping flyer there :wink:
i have a complete aversion to wasp and hornet like insects, to almost borderline a phobia :grimacing:
and think about it, bobbits might be terribly unattractive jaw worms, but, at least you know where they are, and where not to be.
with flyers/wasps & hornets you can just be sitting and minding your own tea and suddenly 1 of those monsters just decides to fly into your ear and nest!! :cold_sweat: :scream: :dizzy_face: