Insane $123 Fanatical Bundle?

So, I happened to be checking out the latest Fanatical bundle when I came across this:


Can anyone explain why this particular bundle of 12 average games costs $123.88? Is this a typo or am I missing something? Seems a wee bit overpriced :thinking:


Please Note: This bundle is currently being offered as a special promotion on Groupon UK.

i think it was/is a “discounted bundle” -but only via that specific promotion? :thinking:
and maybe they forgot to take it down/end it? or just hope for someone unaware/misclick purchases too?
unsure, -that particular bundle has puzzled me plenty for a good while


Only fanatics would buy that.

haha, get it? no? I’ll show myself out


The bundle price seems higher than the actual price of the games included. I checked the 9 games shown and they come out at 118.91 euro and the bundle costs the 123.88 euro same as USD, so you’d pay more for this bundle than the individual games.


It’s a trap…literally. No-one but the most casual gamer would look for game deals on Groupon (a deal site), so I expect this is intended for that demographic rather than ours. They think it’s a deal because of the advertising and it’s presence on a deal site, whilst we have the sense to know it’s not. Fanatical are probably embarrassed…


This has been sitting there for a while, I think. I think most people just ignore it.


I see.

Well I found it on groupon and it’s 9.99£ for the bundle there which is a decent deal. Though it’s a pretty hotch potch collection but I suppose if you’re just looking to “get into” gaming it has a little bit of everything to get you started. Many of the titles are actually proper good games at that. Good trap.


Well, I suppose on the Groupon site it’s an ok deal, I kind of meant on the Fanatical side it being a trap. I’m still not sure how big an audience this would appeal to compared to other Fanatical or Humble bundles (less so Humble of late though).

Perhaps Chrono should get into the Bundle market?

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So, after adding up the prices for the 12 games, you come up with exactly 123.88 Euros … so you get literally no discount whatsoever on the bundle. This seems like just a shady piece of crap designed to make children (and/or their distracted parents) spend more than they should on games, by buying more games than just the one the kids want.


The Fanatical Bundle page is just there so that the Groupon discount can exist. They need to have a full price page so that they can announce the offer as a deal. See here for the real price -

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Makes pretty good sense there…

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