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InnerSpace Giveaway (Closed)


Got a key for this game:

Anyone want it?

I will keep it open for approximately a day I guess, and do a random drawing tomorrow around the time of the Chrono deal refresh.

Only rule I will implement is that the winner will need to respond to the initial PM within 24 hours to receive the key. So if you enter, look at your PMs within a day please. Otherwise, it’ll be rerolled to another person.


You had me at ocean, lol. I’ll enter.

The art style reminds me of Rime somehow - likely the soft palette. ^^ Drawback: My potato might not handle it, so I’ll have to play in when new computer happens later this year.


LINUX! :penguin:

I’ll enter because I’m a simple woman, I see cute Linux-available things and I sign up for them.

In all seriousness, kept an eye out for this one for a while now. May I ask why you’re not keeping the key yourself?



It looks awesome, ama entering :smiley:


This looks pretty unique I would like to enter! Good luck to everyone else.


I’m in and thanks for the giveaway @YQMaoski! :slight_smile:


Thanks and bump!

Not entering


Entering, Thanks…!!


Disqualified for describing something as pretty unique!

Edit: Oh, not entering


Entering. First giveaway back, very sweet surprise!

Thanks for the giveaway!


I remember thinking this one was cool, I’d love to try it. I’m always on the lookout for innovative flight games.


Umm… Oops, sorry everyone, i totally forgot about this… haha…!

Drawing soon!

Winner determined by RNG, and PM sent out. :smiley:

Thanks everyone for playing this round of the RNG game!