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Okay, I’m in mew. Will need some tips on inking though. I can draw from sight, but not from memory.


Mistakes were made, while I haven’t drawn with rapidograph in ages… Went for a night theme… It will take me 2-3 hours to finish it (not doing that).
It’s pretty abstract for RING theme and really messy, but it’s a start getting reused to drawing without a pencil. I don’t have much ink left to fill up the rest of my rapidographs, so rip detail I can get with thinner one or easier filling with thicker ones :slight_smile: - 0.5 FTW.


That’s lovely though ^^ Swear there a Japanese word for “moon over water” that I forgot. :heart:


@dusty, already breaking the rules. :thinking:

@onLooSe, thats’ really nice… Now, post it on the thread @coralinecastell suggested the challenge be held.

Are we using tags, @coralinecastell and @Fraggles???

#InktoberChrono.gg2019 and #Inktober2019

@Fraggles, you are correct. I HAVE seen worse clipart. So you did good. :+1:t3:

No, @coralinecastell, I don’t want that ring…

Good work everyone so far :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Before anyone asks…I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my soul…

Sorry this is late but we had PT today…so was kinda busy.


I think you’ll find none of my submissions will feature straight lines. I really don’t care for tags to be honest. We’re working with one thread so it’s not like we need some way to find separate entries spread around a number of subforums or anything.


Mine is still not done. Having a deadline really changes my perspective.

Ok. I’ll skip this day and try the next prompt. Or maybe upload the unfinished one later? Hmmm.

PS. The more I work on it, the worse it looks. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. And off I GO to do more!


Upload it as it is, is what I am doing :+1:


Yeah just let us see what you’ve got. It’s not like you’re being compared to perfection here or anything. : )

@inferry that is a very well done ring though. I like how you manage to make it come off as a rounded band rather than just a flat circular surface.


Good thing most art doesn’t require straight lines ;D


Maybe when my company leaves, I will give it a run. But colour me impressed with our entries so far.

I am loving it :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


It is never too late to pick a pencil, if you know how to write, then you already know how to draw.

Agreed, in fact greenery usually takes good advantage of random wiggly line work.

I wish I could gift myself those too :pensive:, although I think I’ll try more traditional watercolor painting first, see how that goes. :thinking:

Also, you were there before saying you didn’t know a thing about watercolor and look at what nice examples you made there.


@coralinecastell I really like the look of that rodent, the style is pretty much on point.


I haven’t had the time to do inktober yet :confused: been spending all my time working and writing, hopefully I’ll get to it soon.


Got busy. Spent time with bestie before she left for vacay, now busy again. T_T


As long as I want to pull this off… I will regret my dedication in the long run. I had no time the last few days so I tried to catch up today for 2 hours… Still missing #2 and today’s one, but here we go anyway.

3 - Bait

4 - Freeze

5 - Build


Oh that must been lovely but college and work eats all of my time… I even just got few free days to check the internet lol… 25 days late