Info On How to Donate or Help Ukraine

I’m not sure where to post this but if anyone is interested in the most current news from multiple sources on a Ukraine map, I found this.

I can even use the time function to see what happened in previous days.


I got this info from @sewcraftyme :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Doctors Without Borders is just a first-rate organization that was already workin in Ukraine and is now figuring out how best to respond to the war there. I’ve seen Doctors Without Borders at work in many war-torn countries and have enormous respect for their courage and commitment. Once when I was fleeing an area in Darfur that I felt was unsafe, they were arriving. They’re the real thing.

International Medical Corps is similar to Doctors Without Borders and also does great work in Ukraine. It has a reputation for staying after the emergency is over to help build local capacity.

Kyiv Independent is a news source in Ukraine that many of us turn to understand the devastation unfolding there. It is raising money through crowdfunding on GoFundMe.

Save the Children is active in Ukraine and has a fund to support kids caught up in the conflict there. It’s a terrific organization and has a network on the ground.


World Central Kitchen

is what my friends who have boots on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding areas are telling me is doing the most needed work right now.

Hunger is a never-ending problem during any conflict or disaster.

This organization is what my daughter and I are supporting.

Ila in Maine


The only thing the last 2+ years (and if I had to include a merry car, 7 years) have confirmed to me is the sooner Homo sapiens are wiped from this planet the better. Jeezuz fucking Christ on a rusty bike! Sigh


I’m sorry you feel this way. I have also felt this way. I like most animals more than most humans.

Still, I can’t agree.

I have too much fabric to make into quilts and other useful items for people in need that have lost everything they own due to a house fire, a flood, or have had to flee a partner who is violent with only the clothes they are wearing.

I’m committed to helping children and some adults learn to read in a Literacy program, and some of them I help learn to speak English since they immigrated here and want to learn to speak it.

I was recently told I will be able to go to a local hospital this summer where I can hold and rock newborns that are born addicted to drugs. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long. I love children and hopefully, I’ll be able to read stories and play games with the older children there a few times a week.

I can no longer work and I feel awful about that and feel useless because I can’t monetarily support my family. I was my job.

The only thing that helps me feel less useless and hopeless is reaching out to others with kindness.

On a purely selfish note, another reason I want to stay around a little longer is that I have so many books to read and with new ones being published every day I will never catch up.

I’m a severe introvert because of the way I’ve been treated by people most of my life. However, if children are in need I can push past that to help them. I feel it is my one good quality.

I don’t mean to preach at you. I don’t know anything about you or what problems you are facing. I can only share what helps me.

Ila in Maine


Ila, you are so well spoken, and I really appreciate you. I enjoyed reading your post, and it has given me more specific ideas about a few potential activities to consider that I had not been aware of before. God bless you, and we need more people like you on our precious planet.



You are much too kind.

Thank you.



A new bundle on HB jumped up for Ukraine. 100% of it goes to humanitarian aide for Ukraine.


Well it’s hard to argue with the value proposition, yet they’re asking for a decent bit of money to buy in. 37€ is not an insignificant amount for many people, I would imagine they’d actually gather more money if they priced the bundle around 10€. I suspect you’d find four times as many people willing and able to participate.

Though time scale is different but that bundle has raised over $6.3mil thus far, lets see what this one comes in at in a week.

I’m a little confused, the bundle states two different numbers. At the top of the list it states " Pay at least €36.39", in the smaller print under the description it says “Pay €30.58 Or More” and if I put in 30,58 into the pay what I want there is no objection.

ALSO beware, the actual check out page does NOT show the number I manually typed in. So be sure to check that before checking out, or you might donate far in excess what you intended.


I agree about the price, too. I would love to help out, but I barely got $ myself. I think $20 itself would have been far more suitable, with a rising tier list for those who could put out $40/50. Hopefully though it sells well, so more aide is sent over to Ukraine.


Here is a nice table of stats on the “Stand with Ukraine Bundle”: