Info box read time

So in the new update the other day seems like they added the site read time to the info box. (When you click on a person’s name/avatar you get a little box come up that tells you about them)

I know it says it on the actual profile page but I never really took much notice of it before, I saw it just now and I’m shocked, 6 DAYS READ TIME waaaaa?!?


I looked around a couple other peoples, no guesses as to who I found had the most

If you don't get the right answer you haven't been paying attention


Some of us hang out here too much




I usually stop by for about 10-minutes 2 to 3 times per day, during morning and afternoon coffee breaks and sometimes before heading off to bed. I haven’t done the math, but I’m fairly certain that doesn’t work out to a total of 9-days in just under 9-months. Perhaps it accounts for leaving the Chrono forum open in a browser tab or while away from the computer?


I leave the forum open in a tab, sometimes I even leave threads open and come back to read them later and if that was counted then my read time would be a couple months not just 6 days.

If you had a thread open as the active tab and then left I guess it would count that as read time but I wonder if it also counts the community homepage in the read time if that is the active tab?


I do this as well and read all new posts that come up, yet I only have 7d accounted for. If it counted the tab just being open it should be 300+ days. Maybe @gnuffi is just a very slow reader? :slight_smile:


“maybe @Gnuffi just gamed the system?, :sunglasses:
-and scrolls through each and every thread, new and/or old?.. multiple times? …”


(i honestly have no idea how the system “counts” my reading)


I think they must have had the ‘if having the tab open’ in mind. So it has to be ‘active tab’ counting. Otherwise it would be useless information.