Influent free on steam and humble bundle


Pretty sure the base influent was always or have been free for years now, you need the various language DLCs which are not, unless you want to learn French, Italian or Korean.

SteamDB seems to disagree, but I got it back in 2014 and then only bought the japanese DLC which got me the game as a whole in some way.


hmm i dont know i own it as well on steam… it was free a whiles back but wasnt sure if its still free cus steam wont tell me… but i saw it was free on humble bundle so i figure i’d add it


Influent didn’t start out free - I know because I wishlisted in very early on. Now it’s free and the DLCs cost twice as much as before (last check). I’d like the Japanese one too.

Started on the French and tbh, it’s good, but for vocab only, you won’t learn how to speak the language or writing it in the case of Korean and Japanese. (Again, at last check).