Influent free on Humble

Save a whole penny!


Pretty sure this is permanently free on Steam. It used to cost a few bucks and you’d choose one language pack with it and could buy additional ones as DLC, but then it went free-to-play with a 3 languages included (and you can still buy other languages as DLC).


As a language-learning tool, it doesn’t seem good. It is, at best, a fun way to review some vocabulary. There’s hardly any context for the words, so you won’t learn to use them properly. Doesn’t seem worth the $10 for the DLC. Might be worth checking out if you’re learning one of the free languages though (French, Italian, Korean) and want some extra vocab practice.


Agree I tried it, and without learning an alphabet or syllabary first, understanding how to pronounce words isn’t easy at all.

Nope and the DLC used to be cheaper before it went free. >.<