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Whee! Markiplier played this one, badly of course, lol. Thanks @GeekInUndies


Metropolis Odyssey
Pixel art indie game with cyberpunk vibes and synthwave soundtracks.
Only one goal, try to make the highest score on one run.



TPM Football is a multiplayer online football game, inspired by classics such as SWoS and New Star Soccer. You control one player on the pitch, in games up to 11v11. Create and join teams, play in leagues or test your skills against bots instead. You can customize your player, field looks, anything! Even compete with others on leaderboards. Come and play!


Myrne : The Quest

Myrne: The Quest is a first-person action-RPG. It’s the follow-up of Song of the Myrne: What Lies Beneath (no need to have played it to fully enjoy this one though).

The Quest is a single player game, following a story, where everything is hand-crafted (no procedural generation, just love^^).

Get back to the world of the Myrne with its silly humor and discover why the night never goes away in this new region… Or don’t, you’re just here for that magic artifact after all, no way this malediction will have anything to do with your personal quest… Erm…


«Planet of Mubu» is a top-down puzzle with elements of shooter and runner in the green alien civilization setting. The combination of challenging puzzles and crazy shootouts will not let you get bored, and high-speed races will diversify your gameplay. Explore the alien planet, discover all secret places, collect every bonus and get a reward!


Just passing by to say I appreciate the effort you put into constantly updating this thread.



:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:Thank you :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:




Love me a bit of NPH sometimes. :heart:


The latest…


Cubicle Quest

Cubicle Quest is a game about how life can suck. Dead end jobs, repetitive obligations, irritating coworkers… Cubicle Quest takes all of those things and turns them into enemies you can fight in an old-school RPG.

Adventuring in Cubicle Quest doesn’t earn you levels and gold to fight some great ancient evil. Every quest has an impact on your character’s life, whether it’s getting a promotion at work, finding new friends, or figuring out what you want to do in life. Gain allies and personal strength until you take on the forces keeping you in your cubicle!


@GeekInUndies That’s a hilarious premise. Nice one.


Puzzle Chambers
What would you do if you woke up in a mysterious place with supernatural abilities and the suspicion that your hosts might be either aliens, monsters from another dimension, or seriously messed up human beings?


It has a Mac version too. @Buzzyboii :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Amazing. I’ll check it out!

ty for the @


I’ve seen that spider-head in about 10 million other games so far . GG for prebought Unity assets on sale.


New game:

Windows Only!


Winexy is a realistic 3D ball-rolling game involving simple gameplay and entertaining action.

It also involves a simple description: Various balls, with various textures in various locations.

Most of the action involves “rolling”, which itself is an action. As for the entertaining part, you will be the judge of that.


Snake Eyes Dungeon is the game where you play your chances against dangerous monsters like ghosts, werewolves or even the Frankenstein’s monster himself!

Can you escape the dungeon with a good enough loot to buy upgrades for your next adventure?

Can you beat all the missions?