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In search for Apex Legends company.


So i really like apex legends, but got nobody to play with and its quite hard to coordinate with randoms. So if you are up for a party add me on discord --greg0r #4715-- (I kind of suck at the game, so don’t expect too much)

Yeah im in on the EU servers, forgot to mention that.
My origin name is greg0r19, but it would be better to add me on discord/type here so i can see it sooner.


u EU or US? if yr EU i can play with u but not gonna use discord, ingame comms are fine


I can’t believe how difficult Origin makes it to add new friends, even though Apex integrates Steam Friends.


should make it possible to do so ingame y, but it’s not too hard to do in the client though


Greg0r’s name comes up with 88 possibilities. And I had the name of a teammate yesterday that I wanted to add from a match and I simply couldn’t find it in origin.

We need a Recently Played With : List = (


y but gregor gave his discord thing, not the origin one

r u eu? if u r send me a pm with yr origin and i’ll add u right now

tired of randoms disconnecting as soon as they go down or dont bother trying to get u back in game; im just average but yesterday my 2 teammates went down and i got both their chips and fought it out with 2 squads and somehow survived by taking 5 ppl out, and then once i got to the beacon i realized those guys didnt even stick around…



Ooooooh, It was discord all along. I missed that!

No I am not EU. Sorry!

You sound like Rambo. = )


lol, nah dude, that was just an exceptional game; i’ve won 3 in which i got 3 kills each time, but i got carried every time by one rly good player, lol


EU and, sure ingame voice chat is cool with me.


send me pm with yr origin name


i’d love some company as well please
im palying on PC and im in EU region


greg0r19-origin name. I will be working for the rest of the day probably, but tomorrow is my day off so im free the whole day.


greg0r19. I’m on pc as well.


added u :slight_smile:


What characters are you guys playing as? Was looking at the character bio’s and wondered about which were popular choices?


Bloodhound whenever i can, and was playing lifeline as secondary but starting to experiment a bit with Bangalore; Shroud mains her and says she’s OP cuz of her increased speed when under fire and he says she will get nerfed for sure; I can see why he’s so good with her but that’s also just cuz he’s just so damn good, rofl


I started out with lifeline because i ususally like playing medic and she is the only one with a healing ability and her shield while reviving is pretty good and i love her ultimate move which is a supply drop with high lvl gear
then i tried bangalore and i’ve been playing with her since then, her passive is that she gets a speed-boost when being shot at and that speed is just too satisfying, i almost never use the smokeshoulderrocketthing because i always forget about it
and i just bought the toxic smoke person like an hour ago but could not use him in a sensible way yet, im unsure how useful he really is

im really not good at the game so my judgement is not too reliable


Bangalore’s smoke is so good to cover yr retreat or approach enemies while they try to heal, u can also use it to revive teammates or recover their “tablet” or whatever to get them back in the game. Shroud is just insane with that added speed jumping in and out of battle and flanking enemies and again disappearing to go heal when needed

Caustic (toxic smoke person, lol) is rly good cuz his poison doesn’t affect u (nor your teammates, i think?) so if u get in trouble u can use it to hide in and heal up and u can use it as cover too; u can actually hide behind it to revive teammates too, or u can poison a building and force enemies who hide in it out; Summit mains him i think, so i’ve seen how useful he can be (still strongly dislike Summit though, lol, but that’s another story i guess); also, his traps show u and yr team exactly where enemies are and can protect u from getting flanked


A friend convinced me to give it a try today and after some failed warm up matches we actually won our last round. So feel free to add me on origin: VandemDren

(also playing BF V more or less regularly)


Nice. I still have not won any… best i have got was second place.