Improving Daily Deals Information

Hello, I’ve been coming to pretty much since it started and one thing I’ve always thought it was missing is pictures, something that shows the game and/or gameplay without having to go through a video. Or at least the option to check out some pictures of a game.
This is the very same reason every time a new deal appears, the first thing I do is hit the “Steam Key” link and go check out the game on steam.

I’m not trying to say the “pitch sale” description that you guys write is bad, on the contrary, I think it makes it feel more “By Gamers, For Gamers” kind of thing.
But having some more visual information about each game could increase engagement and better inform people about each game without having to resort to a different website for it.

Anyways, just some thoughts I had, hope it helps!.


Definitely something we’re considering, thanks for sticking around since the beginning!

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