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Important announcement


Tapatalk stole your idea:


Wow, and they even managed to do a worse job out of it than my 5 minute paint works. That stuff looks terrible and the hats don’t even sit on the avatar, just hover nearby.


They’re magical floating hats, Fraggles! Dang, leave it to the grumpy swede to not realize something’s otherwordly. :tophat:

I only need one hat, you guys, and it’s this one:


Alright, here you go. That’s 15k coins now, since prices has despite everything gone up tremendously since the start.
I was tempted to make that a D though.


Not seriously this is adorable thanks so much I actually love it :yellow_heart:

@Inferry yo, quick way for you to make 15k coins


Someone change @Fraggles title to ‘The Hat Master’


They were inspired by your driving skills :slight_smile:



S E R V E D ! :fire: