Im working on getting a new pc

So I am working on getting a new pc for myself and this time around I want to build it myself (i currently have a “gaming laptop”) I am hoping to be able to run most games at 60 fps and medium settings but if I can get more I would be happy with that. I have a build that I picked out with my friend that knows a decent bit about building a computer/parts and I want to get it looked at by some more people that know what they are doing. I do have a few questions being.

1: how well would this pc run

2: could i get the same thing/a bit better for cheaper anywhere

3: what is the best place to go to learn how to build a pc


I dont know how many people in the chrono community are big pc builders but if you have any kind of know how/tip on what to do let me know.


Last time I said don’t go overboard with a far too overpowered PSU at which time my advice got soundly refuted and this time I’m going to have to say I think you should probably go for another 1-200W. I don’t have much experience with EVGA as a manufacturer though so I can’t comment on their quality level.

For graphics cards I’ve been hearing that it’s very possible to get a hold of 2nd hand 1080 and 1080Ti cards these days for a decent price. Those should outperform the 2060 and probably for a lower cost. Could be worth looking into.


Might also be worth browsing similar threads by other chronies to get a more well-rounded idea on PC-building and general good advice – such as never going for a cheap power supply, no matter your build.

Good luck! :hugs:


Will do thank you for the info

  1. It would run well. You could probably pull off 1440p60 on most games (maybe not AC: Odyssey)

  2. I would get the Zotac 2060. Or consider the RX 5700 series as the dual/triple fan models should be coming out soon.

If there is a Microcenter near you, I would go there, they have deals on CPU/motherboard purchases.

Lastly, people are probably upgrading left and right, you may catch a good second hand deal on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

I have only seen a blower style 1080 Ti around $480 USD second hand thus far. They are still in hot demand.

  1. YouTube or Microcenter. I would only go to Microcenter when they are having a workshop to learn though.

Also one thing just about no YouTuber uses that you should: electrostatic wrist strap. It’s like $5 and may save your butt.

What is your price target? Go for biggest bang for buck.

500 or 650 watt power supply, they aren’t too much more expensive but generally will be better quality.

If you can afford it, I would get a r5 3600. The Tomahawk should support BIOS flashback without a CPU. If you are leery about trying that, consider picking up a sacrificial Athlon 200GE. Or stick with what you got, up to you. There should also be Tomahawk MAXes showing up in the next few months that natively support Ryzen 3000.

Otherwise it looks solid.


Thanks for the help. As for upgrades I am already a bit over my budget so unless it is about the same price or cheaper Im not really in the market but I can always upgrade later so i will keep all that in mind.


If you’re going for 60hz, you may be able to shave costs in the monitor department. I would see if the Zotac 2060 is cheaper (it’s better cooling anyway).

I won’t go to much into detail on shaving costs, but there are places it can be done if necessary without hitting the core components. Depending on your regional pricing of course.


if you decided on r5 2600, id just go with 2600x with stock wraith cooler which is a solid stock cooler. you’ll shave up few bucks there and get a more powerful cpu without hassling too much with ocing on 2600.
also dont get a bronze psu, try going for gold atleast. depending on which part of the world you live in, you will probably save up the difference in price in electricity bills in one year or so…

if you want an original windows key, there are lots of offers and sales on 3rd party sites where you can get it for 15$ or less, so you could save up a bit there also.
gtx 1070ti, or 1080 or even 1080ti used would be more than enough for 60 hz gaming im sure…


what would i look up to find that


what do you mean? its the same cpu just an x version, which means its oced from the box.
2600 and 2600x are basically the same proc, but with 2600x you get 300mhz more straight from the box and a great cooler, and its like 15$ more than 2600 but then you dont need to buy the cooler…


Ok Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Hey could i sneak a bit of question on my own on this thread?

What do you guys think , is GTX 970 4gb is still a relevant gpu worth keeping? I’m really lost at what to do with my current desktop PC . It cries to be upgraded , but i cant decide what to do . Should i keep GPU and PSU ( both somewhat solid in my opinion ) and get new CPU ( its shit now ) , case and mother , or should i just build new PC.

Without buying a new GPU build would be significantly cheaper but i’m not even sure if it’s not going to drag rest of the build down.


I’m using a 970 myself still and it’s yet to let me down. If your aim is for 1080@60 it will deliver in the vast majority of cases and probably will for the foreseeable future. It’s not a terrible idea to keep it for now and upgrade the rest of your system, then grab a new GPU in a year or two when a title that demands it shows up.

I’m going to be looking to see how cyberpunk 2077 runs and see if I need to upgrade at that time.


I would need more information to give a good recommendation. The GPU is only one piece.

I would say that very soon, if not already, the 4GB VRAM will be the limiting factor in quality settings and frame time. Otherwise I think it would be fine.


By more information you mean rest of my build or what i’m thinking to upgrade to?


Sure. (to both). I was mainly meaning the rest of your build, but considering what you are thinking to upgrade to wouldn’t hurt either.


It’s GTX 970 4gb ( i think it’s mini ? because it only has one fan and is generally small )
650W PSU
16GB of Ram
Some sort of shitty Asus motherboard
and FX 6300 CPU which is my main problem because it’s stinking bad :slight_smile: Sorry i’m at work now so cant get you specific models and brands of PSU and Motherboard. But to get new CPu i will need to change my motherboard because it has ancient chipset and all newer and better CPUs has newer/different chipest.

What i’m thinking to upgrade to ? I honestly have no clue as for now. My knowledge of PC hardware is somewhat limited so i do not trust myself to pick the right parts especially if i will need them to work with older ones so i guess i will get some profesional to do it for me ( choose parts and assemble them ) .

I’m thinking to spend around ~500 euros for CPU,Mother and new case ( i hope my current PSU will be enough and RAM will fit new mother so i can cut costs there) .

Maybe something like AMD Ryzen 7 2700X ? Or some similar specs/price Intel .

So general ‘plan’ is to build around my GPU , keeping PSU,SSD and RAM . Getting new more powerful CPU , motherboard which will fit everything in and get new case for ‘fresh coat of paint’ .

But i’m not sure if it’s even worth doing that and if i just try to sell my current desktop for ~200 euros and just add that to 500 i’m planning to spend , then add some 200 more and get some completely fresh build for around ~900 which would serve me for next 3 or 4 years.


Should be fine, especially if reputable manufacturer.

760G Chipset, gotcha.

Nope. FX-6300 is DDR3, Ryzen and anything newer than Intel 6th gen are DDR4.

Perusing a website. If a Ryzen 5 3600 is close to the same price or cheaper, I would choose it just for the single thread performance gains. I would also try and get your hands on a MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX Motherboard.

Anything on the AM4 platform CPU wise is generally cross compatible, so if you need to grab a 2200G to hold out for a bit, that’s a plausible stance.

Ryzen also really likes Memory Speed and timings.

Here’s what I grabbed from the site:

Ryzen 5 3600 - 212€
Tomahawk MAX - 113€
Corsair DDR4 16GB 3200 MHz - 100€
Fractal Design Focus G - 45€

Total - 470 € (Assumes includes VAT)

I just put in a placeholder case that should have decent airflow. I would look for something with good airflow that you like the look of. But ultimately, you’re the one you gets to look at the case.

Then you can see if you can sell off the old parts or something if you wanted to.


First of all , thank you very much , this is a huge help and actual steps from just ’ i want better PC ’ to actually picking the parts,hehe.

So RAMs are out? That’s a shame but i guess it was to be expected. I wish i knew better back when i was suggested this build to get better/newer motherboard to make my life easier in the future then time to upgrade is due.

Only thing here is that with what they will charge for work + possibly few more fans for upgraded case cost will climb over 600 which is bit pricy for an upgrade. They do have few prebuild suggestions for ~900 which are , at least in my eyes , really better than what i will have after upgrade. For example

:white_square_button: Motherboard : ASRock Z390 PHANTOM GAMING 4S, Double DualDDR4-4300MHz+, 1xHDMI, SATA3, ATX, 2X USB 2.0, 4x USB 3.1, M.2 Support

:white_square_button: CPU: Intel® Core i5-9600K Processor (9M SmartCache, 6x4.6GHz), Bus Speed 8 GT/s DMI3, 95W, Hexa-Core

:white_square_button: COOLER: SILENTIUMPC Spartan 3 PRO HE1024 RGB

:white_square_button: GPU: GeForce GTX1070

:white_square_button: RAM: 16GB DDR4 3000MHz RGB DELTA arba Ballistix Sport LT 3000MHz arba Fury HyperX 3000MHz

:white_square_button: PSU: Kolink KL-500M 500W 80 Plus Modular Power Supply

:white_square_button: SSD: ADATA SU650 240GB SSD

:white_square_button: CASE: Zalman i3 series Luxurious Design


P.S though i must admit to myself that it’s better to invest ~600 now on upgrades and then only have to upgrade my GPU later when i have funds than to save ~150 now and i will need brand new PC few laters later to run any games on decent settings.


Prebuilt systems tend to skimp out on costs where unaware buyers wont spot it. With for example cheap PSUs and motherboards. I’ve honestly never heard of Kolink so can’t say anything for certain, I would highly recommend reading as many tests of their products as I could before buying one. ASRock motherboard can be a bit of a gamble. They’re very low budget motherboards and can be fine for low end systems but you may start running into troubles with both lacking in features and stability for any mid-high end use.

ADATA is also a rather cheap brand that could spell trouble for longevity, though some people will never have an issue. Cheaper brands tend to be a gamble where as the higher budget options are more likely to always get you something that will hold up to time and use.