I'm bored.

So. The title says it all. I’m bored.

On a summer day like this, you wouldn’t really expect anyone to be bored per se.

But sometimes, people get bored.

If anyone has a suggestion of what I (or other people) can do to reverse this boredom, feel free to leave it below.

Edit #1: Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!


Play Garfield kart


Put on some good music
and challenge yourself with a good puzzle game


Sum up the 96 things to do list:

  1. Work out
  2. Work Out
  3. Clean
  4. Clean
  5. Work out
  6. Work out
  7. Paint your nails
  8. work out
  9. Watch Youtube
  10. Try a new hairstyling
  11. Brain Games
  12. Clean
  13. Have friends… err I mean talk to a friend
  14. talk to a friend (now with iPhones)
  15. Update Résumé
  16. Mail a note to your parents (wtf?)
  17. Own magazines, i mean, make a vision board
  18. Paint
  19. Work out
  20. Take a bubble bath
  21. Try online dating. (lul ok)
  22. Meditate
  23. Cook
  24. Garden
  25. Volunteer
  26. why is this a suggestion - Make more stupid emojis
  27. Write
  28. Write
  29. Plan a party
  30. Sleep
  31. Write
  32. Make a care package
  33. Break out a box of crayons
  34. Clean
  35. Watch Youtube
  36. Youtube
  37. Read the press (become depressed)
  38. Write
  39. Pinterest
  40. Garden
  41. Read
  42. Read
  43. Read
  44. Read
  45. Write
  46. Cook
  47. Browse old photos
  48. Learn a new language
  49. Research a topic
  50. Brain Puzzles
  51. Listen to Podcasts
  52. Write
  53. Dance
  54. Pinterest
  55. Pinterest
  56. Have an iPhone, make a shoddy video
  57. Clean
  58. Do a project you’ve been procrastinating on
  59. Read
  60. Read
  61. Plan a trip
  62. Make a time capsule
  63. Make a bouquet
  64. Make an Emergency Plan
  65. Make an Emergency Plan
  66. Learn to tie a tie/bowtie
  67. Screw around with Google Earth/Maps
  68. Consider Parenthood/further parenthood
  69. Shop
  70. Talk to a friend
  71. Make drinks
  72. Sign up for a class
  73. Clean
  74. Look through old photos
  75. Learn the NATO Alphabet
  76. Learn proper massaging
  77. Work out. Now with SPOOOORTS!
  78. Eat out
  79. Shop
  80. Consider adopting a pet.
  81. Cook
  82. Learn how awful your neighborhood is.
  83. Research the place your going to eat out at
  84. Find a costume for Halloween
  85. Plan a trip
  86. Become a fake wine connoisseur.
  87. Work out.
  88. Watch youtube.
  89. Clean your phone
  91. Play a game
  92. Take photos of things
  93. Browse Google
  94. Consider getting a side job.
  95. Write, this time with fake product reviews!
  96. Instagram your pet
  97. Cook
  98. Update things
  99. Drink Water
  100. Consider your finances
  101. Try something new.

yeah some are overly generalized. I also picked up the ADS in the MIDDLE of the DOGGAMN article.

Also, article is 100% aimed at ladies.


As a… “lady,” I think this article is pretty darn shit!

I recommend this clicker:



Also a good podcast or movie or TV show! I’m currently (as in right this second) following with some other Chronie’s suggestion and watching Amazon’s The Boys!


looks like someone else was quite bored as well


Just try it. You’d be surprised how satisfying it is to make something so simple.


Wow nice long list


Learn to code and make a simple incremental or text based game.
Or if you like deep stuff, make an weird artistic website which everybody will be very confused of and claim it to be the next big thing.


Try cooking something weird… then when it s done, watch a scary movie if you usually don t


yeah, like meth, life won’t ever be boring again, except once u got caught, then it will be nothing but either boredom or horror 24/7

  1. Watch Leverage. It’s free on Vudu.
  2. Make a small game. (Check out Construct.net if you don’t know programming)

Learn about something you were interested in, but have not tried yet.

Try a new restaurant or join a new club/group with similar interests.


I tried that with Unity’s scripting tutorials, but they practically go straight from “this is the abstract concept of the command” to “here’s a full game demo” and I’m just sitting there like “wait, I still don’t have any idea when to use Update over FixedUpdate, and now you want me to make a full-on point-and-click adventure?”

EDIT: It comes across less as a tutorial for newcomers and more like a refresher course for those who already know how to code.


Try paint with watercolor/draw
Play games on GOG (they literally just emailed me saying “tired of boredom?”)
Download webtoon (people make incredible comics on there and it’s free)
Wikipedia animals and learn all their facts (and secrets)

ᵀᵃᵏᵉ ᵒᵛᵉʳ ᵗʰᵉ ʷᵒʳˡᵈ




An in depth guide (and bonus material.)

Or make my grass rope!