If You Like Eye Candy and Mindless Play....Check Out Free Spheres Of Chaos

“First released in 1992 for the Acorn Archimedes, re-released in 1998 for PC.And now, Updated for XP/Vista/Windows 7, and looking more psychedelic than ever.” It might run on Win10 with compatibility.

I am not sure if it’s Asteroids on Steroids, a Disney Wonderful World of Color/Shmup Love Child or a Timothy Leary version of a Bullet hell game. I just can’t decide.

One gamer wrote: "I just downloaded Spheres of Chaos, and I was simply blown away by the beautiful graphics and intriguing gameplay! The sound effects are absolutely amazing, tremendously complex, and mind tingling!. They rock the walls of the room with the sound running through my home stereo system. "


Must be fantastic while tripping.

Thanks for the helpful post with link, description and screenshots! :slight_smile:


Where’s @GanbaRANGER? For some reason I would have thought he would be all over this…:thinking: