If you have Dawn of War (boxed copy) get a steam key free \ o /

"Do you own boxed copies of Dawn of War, but do not own the game on Steam? We are supplying owners of boxed copies with free Steam keys so you can continue to enjoy Dawn of War without having to pay again.

Please note that SEGA may need to verify your boxed copies and this may involve requesting photos of your box or other information. We thank you for your patience and hope to get you back in the WAAAGH as soon as possible! "

I believe it is for the entire DOW franchise, and just remembering, to win the key it is necessary to have bought a boxed copy of the game previously.


You can request your Steam key (s) by filing a ticket here:


I seem to recall some of the DoW games being able to automatically be registered on Steam if you gave it the key from your boxed copy, even if it wasn’t a Steam-activated purchase. If you own any in the first series, you may want to try running them through Steam’s activation process to see if it takes the key. It could save you the trouble of going through Sega support.


I actually had a digital version from Amazon, and they still gave me a key. I proceeded to buy Soulstorm, then bought the Master Collection twice just because I was so impressed with how they handled it (that, and I needed someone to play online against).

SEGA has some top-notch customer support. It kinda makes me sad knowing they were dragged through the coals by everyone after Sega Europe arbitrarily snuck Denuvo into Sonic Mania and broke Steam’s refund system.