If You Have a Old (Inactive) PayPal Account

Just saw this:


Hah! That is another reason not to use paypal.

I remember I had a bank (a small bank I can’t recall) that I had a debit card. I started using a credit card a few years later instead. I check my account in the small bank and find much much less money than expected. I call them and they had this same “inactivity” fee. So I immediately transferred the remaining money and complained and closed that account.

No way I’m putting money in those kinds of things. It’s not enough that paypal has my money + interest while I get nothing? Pretty scummy. They definitely think their non-bearing interest accounts are worth more than they think. They just want to collect on abandoned money without having to give it to their owners. Very shallow and a lot of people will be be upset intermittently when they realize. Of course paypal will just ignore them and keep their stolen money.


Only if it still has money left in, well that’s a bit better at least. Still sounds like strange I don’t like that idea :frowning:


Yeah, I had closed some accounts that had inactivity fees as well.

For PayPal, I only have my credit card associated with it, and I don’t actually put funds into the account, so I will not have this issue. Nevertheless, it’s as if PayPal is reviewing some old accounts that have some money and maybe didn’t have any activity, and they in the background are meeting about “How can we make this money ours for good.” and this is their solution.

I don’t agree with it either.


ahaha WHAT




Well turns out I am one of those people, turns out I have $10 in my paypal account that I have not used at any point and I’m not even sure where that money came from. Guess I’ll go and transfer that money and close the account.


I have a Pay’Pal’ account; there’s like, no money in it. Or, if there is, it’s like, a few cents. It’s nothing they’d bother collecting on since they’d have to pay interest on it and end up in the red.