If someone has the extra coin and is willing to be amazing pls read!

So I’m like 1k off for Fictorum but I’m like 100% wanting this game and I have six spins till I can get my legendary chest which would make me easily be able to afford it. It’s easily going to sell out before my 6 days are up sadly… but if someone wants to secure a key for me i could get them a key they want from the following game drops on the 29th, we wouldn’t trade until both of us had the codes we could trade and if a middle man is needed I’m sure we could fine a reputable person here. I understand if this sounds sketchy but I’m very particular about which games I’d get and fictorum is definitely one I’m interested in.
Thanks for reading :purple_heart:


I’ve got enough coins to get you that. Nothing required or desired in return. Give me a few mins and I’ll pm you :slight_smile:


Okay well if they genuinely don’t want anything in return I am prepared to keep the generosity going forward so if they still do not want a new game when they drop on the 29th than I will hook someone else up with a giveaway or something :purple_heart:


Thats exactly what I love about giveaways and what I hope happens whenever I give anything away :slight_smile: