iDeal Payments

Hey everyone who reads this.

Although I love for it’s deals and coins every day I’ve never really been able to buy anything, due to the fact that the site does not support the Dutch iDeal payment system. Is there any chance it can be implemented?


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Definitely something we’re looking at supporting in the future!


we had/have something similar to iDeal in my country i think(but per bank specific), but since it was up to the stores to have the feature/system, a bunch places it slowly died out because of how our debit card/credit cards are used here,
but since you needed to be 18 to have a credit card that didn’t work for all when/if/where they didn’t have bank transfer as payment option
a way to get around that issues was PayPal, and use the bank transfers to the paypal acc(no debit/credit card needed), then pay with PayPal(or other services) the places that allowed such

Maybe PayPal would be an option with your iDeal Payments/transfers until when Chrono gets the system?

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You need to be 18 to use PayPal, heard some stories of accounts getting suspended for registering under 18. So, I have considered it before but I’m refraining from it.

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hmm i did not know that
never was an issue “back in the day”, but i guess things/rules do tend to get tighter and enforced more over the years
sry to hear paypal got all uptight about age, used to be a godsend for some teens some years back
well, here’s to hoping chrono gets iDeal soon then! :thumbsup:

I would personally also opt for Trustly if it helps you support more countries.
Its not known in the netherlands but just as convenient as iDeal.

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Yeah dude, when I was younger I used to farm and sell digital stuff to buy physical stuff. Paypal didn’t require any info back then, it was kind of shady tbh.

well, tbh i can’t remember if they had that “you must be 18 yo” clause back then, they very likely did, just didn’t enforce it all that strictly, at least i didn’t know of any that got suspended or banned back then.
But after reading around i can see it’s been a way more frequent occurrence these past years, which is a bit of a shame.
Back then paypal was a huge help to us “stuck” in the teens before 18. Not like you could even get steam wallet back then either, so “needed” paypal to get stuff on places like steam or especially elsewhere online, even more so doing any transactions that in noway would accept our underage atm/debit cards outside of local country lol

but since iDeal apparently has a 56% local market share anyway, it’s seems like a good idea for anyone that want to do business with dutch customers to get it as payment option, if cost-benefit efficient enough ofc