Idea: Steam Wishlist notifications

So here’s a feature idea:

Allow users to sign in with Steam, or even just give their profile link if that’s public. Then, give the option to receive notifications when an item from their wishlist is on sale in the Chrono store.

I think this is a simple quality of life feature but would be appreciated.


Sounds good to me.

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Receive notifications where, on steam? That’s not possible the way i think you’re thinking and I doubt it would be good for chrono, the point of the site is for you to check out whats on offer that day and decide if you want it or not.

I mean they could make a chrono steam group i guess and then make announcements but i don’t see any problems with the way things are now. I guess I’m the odd one out here. :confused:

@ZeeX: He does not mean it that way.
The way it works is: You sign in through steam and chrono gets access to your Steam Wishlist through the Steam web API. That way Chrono knows which games are on your wishlist and can notify you, e.g. by mail, when a game from your wishlist is offered as daily deal.

Though, I also think they wouldn’t implement that, because, as you already said, that way you lose a reason to check the page daily and perhaps even miss out on games you would have liked, but did not know about and so did not put on your wishlist.


That is possible.

Hey, you never know what someone might be thinking, maybe tauqua overestimated steam integration. Either way you and I are on the same page, no reason for them to do so and i don’t think it’s too much to check the deal via one of the many ways and if you can’t be arsed to look into something cuz it’s not on your wishlist so be it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have a slight addendum that might be worthwhile for consideration @lonin
if people were allowed to link their steam profile (those that have chosen to have it public anyway that is) Chrono could also scan through peoples wishlist and see if certain games either fall within lines of Chrono values, and/or pick games that multiple users have on wish, to try and make even more sales (if Chrono can acquire deals for those games of course)
just a thought


Definitely something we’re thinking about. :slight_smile:


Don’t think about it just DO IT!

But yes that’s a great idea and def. something that should have a high priority. I haven’t used steamgifts in a long long time but they had a public list of the most wishlisted titles which was pretty cool. Your list doesn’t need to be public of course but it will give you some guidance regarding what a lot of people really want, perhaps leaving you with more time to look for hidden gems. Win, win, wins all around. :grinning:

That changed everything… cue whatever music you want has Steam Wishlist integration and email notifications. deals show up as pending first. One approved, you should get an email. Since deals are time limited it’s not the best option.

+1 to native & Steam Wishlist integration. :grinning:

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Workin’ on it :wink:


Sidenote - backend API shows how many people have a game on their wishlist - not super related to this convo but devs can definitely see if there is interest in their game, just maybe the price elasticity hasn’t expanded enough to cover their (potential) playerbase. Good for & devs when deciding discounts.

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