idea on how to use coin outside of the coin shop(but not really)

so ikd why there seems to have a boom in request to change stuff around and even tho i don’t think we can give idea without being in a conflict of interest,

here’s my first idea.

we could auction one or multiple copy of the daily game with coin and the winner

second idea is a giveaway you can buy a ticket for a daily deal and the next day when the game change the winner is announced,

price of the ticket could change with the value of the game.

both concept would required some kind of protection against coin farming with multiple account tho :S

anyway that’s my that’s my 50cents - 48 cents <3


Wouldn’t that require striking different deals with every publisher? Not every publisher is going to agree to having their game handed out for free, I’d imagine. Either that or the free key would need to come out of Chrono’s pocket.

Same reasoning as above.

I like that so many people are sharing ideas, but so far I haven’t really bought into any of them… although I also agree some kind of change would be nice. But maybe that’s just because I like changes in general. :woman_shrugging: :butterfly:


why does all these recent “ideas” revolve around cashing out, -on free coins? :thinking:
always seems to lead back to coins-daily deal, which would (to varying degrees) nullify Chrono’s profit source/margin.

How about people float non-“greedy” coin ideas, remember, the coins are free, maybe constantly suggesting swapping free clicks for a Lambo or lifeblood (on top of already monthly free game) could be “a bit” much to ask? :man_shrugging:

-just a thought
(and yes @PeteMcc Titles for Coins i’m totally onboard with!! :+1:) :crazy_face:




Can’t take credit for this idea because i don’t think I had it (unless my memory is bad and you can quote me from somewhere)


didn’t say it was your inception, just that I thought it was a neat idea/“worthy”, despite;




Hm… I still can’t come up with any ideas… uh… can you? I mean the site works so well already I can’t even.

I mean, what we KEEP SUGGESTING (different currencies and payment methods) DOESN’T GET ADDED, and that would help increase sales and make the website more appealing for different customers… so… there’s only so much I can suggest haha

What else can I say? :woman_shrugging:





Well I’m glad at least some people like my idea. :rofl:


at that point it’s called marketing <3

also +1 for buying title and why not super expensive custom title?


Uh… How about auctioning off gnomes as slave labour. I’m sure I can think of something I’d want a gnome for, although right now I’m drawing a blank!
All bids must be in Chrono Coins.

The coins are a nice little extra, there seems to be a recurring theme of trying to pay Chrono with their own coin, I really don’t get it.


I will make my own coin with blackjack and hookers!!

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