{Idea} Let Multiple Replys For A Single Post Exist :D

I only noticed because of replying to the other post i have but needing a new replay for every post you want to reply to is a bit spammy in my opinion.

Being able to like do that and then add a reply thingy (no clue what it would be) so it lets you reply to multiple people in the same post and they get the whole notification that someone replied to them would be nice and less time consuming.

Kind of like quotes do in a lot of other forums and so on.

I think i typed this well enough to be understood although i could easily be wrong :smiley:


You can quote multiple posts in a single reply! Just highlight the text you want to quote an a little box pops up that says “quote reply.” Not sure if both people get notifications though.

I had no clue >.> its kind of unintuitive though >.> i would never have found that out of you didn’t say it x.x

I would still recommend adding a button for it at the bottom honestly.