Idea for left over coins

With the removal of the coin shop on the 29th of this month and the games being soldout since the end of may (dang it missed out on getting one last game, rip) all of us are going to be left with leftover coins that are now basically usless. i was thinking of what could these be used for, I had thought of a coupon idea but i thought theres deffo going to be people with 100k+ coins. so why not just make a pointless store. you could still get your daily coins but instead of saving up for a free game you can save up to spend the coins on thinks like forum badges or avatars just silly little things. Most people are most likely going to stop coming to the site because no more free games but the people who are active on tyhe site for the daily deals and talkingf in the community get a little fun silly thing to mess with


Should of included some examples lol my bad

but for instance you can buy a little badge/title thing that will be next to your name so for like 5k you could have Elmo182 - The Tedious
again just something silly


people did think about these things before. I believe they even considered doing it but it turned out to not be doable because of how Discord works etc. (this forum uses Discord’s system, more or less, not to privy about that myself)


I believe this forum uses Discourse rather than Discord


There’s certainly room for a lot of discordant discourse here.


I like it, honestly - some bling never hurt anyone, and regulars could stand out. There’s also less available toxicity, because additional badges don’t matter out of Chrono (less, not no, because there is always room for toxicity :V). Obviously, it depends on the technical possibilities


I don’t think there could be less toxicity tbh, people here are rather calm. Sure people say stuff I disagree with and might consider stupid but no one seems to go out of their way to bash someone else.
And I’m sure I’ve said plenty of dumb stuff that people dislike too.


I like the idea.

Maybe turn those coins into Wallet funds or something. $1 per 100 coins, mayhaps?

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There is some Coin Shop related toxicity, mostly gone already

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that would be too overpowered i mean ive got 13k coins so that would be $130 and ive seen some people with over 150k coins. i originally thought of something like that a coupon sort of system like 10k coins gets you $1 off a purchase but the same issue applies with people who have a huge stockpile of coins. so i thought still do 10k = $1 off but the most someone can reduce off a game is $3-4


anywhere you go on the internet that has even the smallest of communities theres always going to be some toxicity to a certain degree its one of the side effects of the internet

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good idea

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