Idea: Combined price of today's deal Money+Coins

I just got an idea how to spend collected coins for most of the members of the chrono community.
We all have the issues that we have plenty of coins, like 20 000 and 40 000 and didnt find any coin shop games attractive enough to buy (or we already own these games), or just the keys run out of stock before we realize that there is a new game in the coin shop.

There were some topics about getting some steam money for collected coins.
I rather would see a feature to lower the price of todays deal game with coins. So 10 000 coins would be converted into 1$ extra discount on any game in today’s deal.
For example todays deal’s Trident’s Wake’s cost is 10,99$, if you had 10 000 coins you might buy it for 9,99$ or if you had 30 000, the cost of the game would be 7,99$.

There were couple games in the shop I would buy if they were by like 2€ cheaper. Like the todays one.

It would be difficult to code and realize. But I just want some reviews on my idea.


Idk if chrono would agree to that but seems an interesting idea. Or just maybe some sort of other outlet for coins would be good. G̶a̶m̶b̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶a̶y̶b̶e̶

I don’t personally have any of those issues tho x3
But could be good for those who do, especially like you said those who always miss the new stock. But should only work for massive amounts of coins.


i think it was mentioned previously too
and one point that was made that, depending on the coin to discount conversion, it could effectively eat it to “all” of chrono’s profit from x sale
say a game is 10$, and if chrono takes 30%similar to steam/others, that’s 3 bucks, if you then take 1$ discount/10k coins, that’s already 30% off their top -complicated further depending on VAT
wouldn’t take much to quickly eat “all” profit made on a sale


What @Gnuffi said. But I also agree with @dogetail’s statement that it would be nice to have more than one coin outlet.

Considering both statements, maybe it would be interesting to be able to convert coins into Chrono discount coupons, usable for purchases above X value.

As a theoretical example, 10k coins could be converted into a single-use 10% discount coupon applicable on purchases over $10 on the Chrono store, usable for 6 months or something.

That would give users a non-insignificant discount of $1 on said game and provide a purchase incentive, all while probably not eating through most of Chrono’s profit and rewarding regulars for their patronage.

A thought. :blush:


Well, the main problem I have in seeing this happening is if someone made multiple accounts then logged onto each one every day and could therefore with enough accounts get every deal on here each day. It would be an extreme lost for Chrono and their sales as both @Gnuffi and @coralinecastell (BTW Happy belated birthday!!!) were explaining of earlier. :tada:

Now if there was a system that stayed vigilant and could tell apart from the top-ish valued and trusted members, Then maybe your idea could work @mediiiiiiii, but I don’t think that would happen. Maybe this could work instead. Each time someone from Chrono makes a Daily deals post… per week, they host a giveaway giving 1 of your choice of that past weeks games. Of course there would be various conditions, but if we were talking about coins, I would say that you need to have as many coins as how much dosh the game was worth x100 or x1000 and maybe you can bargain if it’s just over 25$. Since you also need protection from multiple accounts being the same person, lets say you also need to have been somewhat active in the forums during said week as well.

A medium sized-thought. :relaxed:


Well now think about it. If you were a shop owner and your customers could pay you in sea shells they collected by the shore would that work for you? Obviously no.

They need to make a living from selling games and they already receive only a fraction of a selling price. Coins are just to gimmick to attract people , they still need to do bussiness here.


Hm what about coupons applicable elsewhere on other stores. Not sure how that would work either but would seem more possible than discount on something already discounted?


result is the same/worse with 10%discount
11$ purchase 1.1$ discount -chrono’s cut from 3.3 goes down to 2.2
20$purchase 2$ discount out of a 6$ cut to 4$
30$ - 3$ discount from 9$ to 6
^all taking and eating equally into the margins and taking 33% off Chrono’s cut and profit

actually @mediiiiiiii’s suggestion of 10k to 1$ would be a tiny be a tiny bit better there, if; a person ofc only had 10k coins/only used or could only get the 1$ on those 20-30$ purchases examples, since then it would be 16.6% off their cut on 20$ sale and 11% of the 30$ purchase -compared

but people might not be “happy” about “only” being able to convert 10k-1$ in a 1x limited offer, and if on such high sticker prices that it wouldn’t eat the same 33% but something much lower/more tolerable
^and ofc all this is still with assumption* Chrono even takes the 30% like others, if they take 25 like humble or lower it gets even more meddling
*(and that each sale discount is preset and haven’t already applied X few extra % from their margin off the top)

basically you would need to have to convert an absurd amount of coins to x$/discount for it to be (possibly) worthwhile for chrono. And then institute some varying stipulation for X potential deal, so that you could only ever accumulate “so and so much”$/discount for a given sale, regardless of your coin holdings or which game you wanted to apply your purchase -because chrono couldn’t offer it on “that” game you wanted that was being sold for 5$ etc
i think it would be a ginormous headache to even begin to conceive a system where it could work out “fairly” but more so consistently enough, to be even remotely worthwhile, for them

idono, was just my rando thoughts…
emcl & lonin might actually run this thing with such super fly cost & overhead that they could somehow be a total charity and toss more and more higher $s or %discount at us, who knows :man_shrugging: