Idea about coin shop game picking

Hello fellow citizens! Hope there once would be our suggested or popular voted games( that doesn’t those fanciest but basic like this week’s rewerse crawl) I mean once every 3 months or like once a year make a game marathon like advent calendar time where we accept to us sugested games like poll idk. I just want to hear your opinion or sugestions to devs so I hope In the future Crono will rule the time and space :alarm_clock:

This was and still is a pretty good response in my opinion.

And mate, there’s a :mag: icon on the right side of the “Back to Today’s Deal” button, would be swell if you used some keyword like “vote” or “voting” to check before posting a new thread/suggestion. People just join the community and think they have a great idea but someone’s probably made a suggestion like that already.

Cheers. :relaxed: