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I would like to sponsor few game keys !


But i’m lazy and bad at stuff so wont try to host a giveaways myself.

Would any forum regular ( sorry generic user 1762 who have been registered for 12 minutes i cant trust you with this ) like to host a giveaway for me and i will provide some keys for terrible games? Or maybe someone was planning to make giveaways soon anyway and i could throw my keys into their pot.

Raffle 2: Yakuza 0, Laser League, Little Nightmares, Sniper Elite 3, A Hat in Time

@DontBeSilly I would be honoured to host your keys in my upcoming raffles!


Most definitely ! Let me know when are you making the next one.


@DontBeSilly This is idea I mentioned somewhere in the timeline of Raffle 1 and wanted to reach out to the community about it. I love that you’re volunteering to sponsor some keys.

Do you have any ideas you’d like to contribute to the raffle your keys are included in? Theming, special rules, what other types of games are included, or … ???

As a host of sponsored keys, I think it would be great to see your personal influence on the raffle. Let me know what you think :smile:


If that sounds like too much work for a sloth and you’d just rather contribute the keys, I completely understand :hugs:


The giveaways gotta be slooooow. LOL


I like @ohko’s newest raffle format. Do have some keys myself, but don’t really have the stamina to deal with people unhappy with results etc. Wouldn’t mind some help giving away a few (mostly not so great) keys myself.

Key drops with question mark clues are fine, but it always annoys me, when people don’t say they claimed something and take time to say thanks.


Awesome to see other people chiming in :clap:

I’m not familiar. Do you think you could link one, @Danacscott?



They are not very good nor they are all of one genre so i guess so i guess ‘themes’ wont work out so well. You can just include them in one of your raffles.


@ohko Same with me I think, but my memory is very sketchy, so I’m sorting out bundles and keys today, best I can. :slight_smile:


@DontBeSilly and @Danacscott,

Very well! The current Raffle 2 is ending tomorrow. I’ll put a day or two in between and then start the next one, Raffle 3 :hushed:

I’ll reach out in PM now and we can start coordinating. To anyone else that wants to contribute a key, feel free to reach out. We’ll try include your key(s) in the upcoming round, if you do desire!


Is that a sloth joke? Not funny :heavy_heart_exclamation: /s


Love your new avatar! Slothsss are multiplying… slowly.


If it was QUICKLY then I’d be really scared! :laughing:
Another unfunny Sloth joke… that one is for you @delenn13 :grin:


(I’m gonna do this so no one else has to)



@ohko May have to sit out this round of giveaways. Woke up with the sore throat and runny nose this morning. Gonna take the meds and try to get rid of this cold asap.

Got half-way there with making lists of my keys yesterday, so I’ve good idea what’s available, but need to sort them into types, etc. Cheers.


Not a problem at all! There will be more opportunities along the way :railway_track:


Thanks much for understanding. The sniffles are starting to get real, sigh. Really hope I shake it soon.


Yoh! @Danacscott, You still need Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy Remastered? PM me :heavy_heart_exclamation: