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I went viral (!!?!)



My first post to go viral on reddit — I’m sort of in shock…


looked up my Steam stats, and I actually made some money off it?!? image


my email is flooded with comments :_:


lol, nice


First comment: “2GB of ram?! Who do you think I am Elon Musk?”.

This said, your level of godly shitpost in the system requirements is well worth the attention @yitzilitt , well done.

In case someone is unsure what shitpost is, it’s very dumb and beautiful jokes (in part for being bad) where they shouldn’t really be there. If this is not entirely accurate, remember I’m sort of an old man in these regards and be happy I know how to use a keyboard.







Congrats! :slight_smile: that looks pretty cool!


Instructions unclear, wired a toaster to a Core 2 Duo and accidentally fried two sheep.



I love your drawings :smiley:

But where are the sheep? Fried :sheep: too graphical for Chrono forums?


Asking the REAL questions. :joy:

I want to marry you your drawings.

Also I’m terrible at puns… it was a RAM pun… ]:

Btw @Vandem high chances the drawing isn’t in reply to me but the thread itself haha :joy:


It’s because you didn’t specify that they were sheep from Great Britain

2 GB Ram




No backsies. I wanna be maiden of dishonor!


ram is the male.
ewe is the female.
Arin can’t spell eye.


Lookin at your chrono title: New user of the month
Makes me cry… i almost reached my chrono aniversary and still haven t succeded at passing @discobot s exams ( specially the part of: proove u r not a robot )
I hope Lord @Gnuffi will ever be forgiveful for me being an inpure replica that can collect all chrono badges


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


We know it… we know… you roll… dices