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I want you to take notice of what is happening in Belarus.


First of all , if this is somehow against any rules of our forums feel free to remove this post , no hard feelings there :slight_smile:

I would like for everyone here to take notice what is happening in Belarus since Sunday .

We have a lot of people from all different corners of the world here and i understand that for some of you this is something you probably didint even hear about because your local media doesnt give a damn , it’s ‘far’ and it doesnt ‘concern’ you but people of Belarus have to feel supported and that they are not alone.

Very brief summary is that last Sunday president election happened and for 6th( ~40 years ) term in a row Alexander Lukashenko was ‘reelected’ . Obviously elections were rigged , as they have always been in Belarus , but this time people finally got fed up with him and went to protest to have a democratic election for once where votes would actually be counted for once. Peaceful protests. But people are getting shot at , beaten to death, rammed by police cars and thousands are missing after being detained by police or omon. This is reality of Belarus for the past few days.

And this is not happening somewhere in middle-east , this is literally happening 40kms away from where i live. Vilnius, my home towne, is just 40kms away from border with Belarus. I’m here, free to write and say whatever i want, elect whatever i want and just 40kms away people are getting beaten to death because they want a free election for once in their life.

The more people will be aware of this , even if you live on the other side of the world , better. Tell your friends,family about this , this needs as much attention as it can possibly get.

There’s so little coverage in global media and this is what that authoritarian cockroach and his ‘government’ is hoping for , for noone to care or take notice.

Thank you for your time.


I did briefly hear about this one day through an Associated Press article. From what I understand it is quite the storm for lack of a better word. This is what I believed I read the other day.

I agree that coverage is lacking, though, but given the heaps of horrible things happening this month alone some events would slip on the radar.


This also happens in other countries around the world, yet its not mediatized. Why? Because governments don’t want you to rebel, they want you to obey. We don’t hear much about yellow vests in France anymore, not about the anti-corona protests in Serbia, yet we are forced to wear masks for a virus that has always been here as many doctors say (and are silenced after that), until now nobody went berserks about normal flu deaths, but if you check the statistics they say theres more victims of that every year than corona, yet theres no pandemic about that. In my country alot of elderly people that die from natural causes are marked as dead for corona, so they can have the numbers, but in reality nobody here is sick of corona. Judge me the way you want, but i don’t bite government crap anymore, im sick of the lies and the police state behaviours. Theres alot of proof against this so called PLANdemic, but alot of people don’t dare to question it, because deep down they can’t accept the fact that they been fooled. Its a hard pill to swallow. A sibbling of mine that died recently has been forcefully marked as a corona victim, yet she died of diabetes. George Orwell was right…


Ah yeah I have heard about this, sounds mad and terrible :frowning: I hope more people are made aware of this and they continue to stand against this.

I saw this meme on it :0

And I saw this


I’m honestly not surprised. Alexander Lukashenko has been doing this for some time. I have family who fled from Belarus because of this man directly (things that were not tolerated). Corrupt to the bone. Hopefully the people can unite and do something about it, and that powerful countries like the U.S make vocal support of the protesters.


Thank you for info.

If anyone is interested, here are 3 petitions people can sign at


Thank you for telling us about this. Hopefully Belarus will get rid of that dictator and have a real democracy the way it’s supposed to be.


I don’t mean you rain on your parade, but what do petitions even do? I see them from time to time on topics and it kinda seems like a “thoughts and prayers” type of thing. I would like to be wrong though.

I happen to be aware of this stuff in Belarus due to Imgur, sadly.


My idea of these petitions is that generally once they reach a required number of signatures they are sent to whatever agency the petition is designed to make a request of. For example, the second link I posted would be sent to the US Congress, which informs them of a problem (and suggested solution) that they should look into since a large number of people (voters) have shown (via signature) that the issue is important to them. :eyes:


Sorry, I literally learned most of my countries from

And I mean a lot of names appeared and disappeared. Never heard of the country Belarus. Which is kind of strange because on world news, I would at least recognize a country’s name if even something minor happened there. Weird.

I think it’s pretty interesting that so many countries are having riots. I think Belarus will not be noticed because our own countries are having riots and deaths.

Instead of asking for free democratic elections, which is the ideal goal but least likely to happen, they should at least demand term limits. Also, an 8 year presidential term? Wow, that’s a long time too. Win once and ignore your people for 7 years…


That’s about like me. They didn’t really emphasize geography in school, so not much stuck. Until I googled it, my initial guess was “somewhere in Europe, probably”. :woman_facepalming:t3:

Terrible news about Belarus. I really hope things start to improve soon for those people.


I didn’t know exactly where the place was either but that’s because when I learnt European countries it was called “White Russia” in Swedish Vitryssland, literal translation of the name. So while I have in later years heard about a country named Belarus now and then I had no idea it that was it.


Because it is what it literally translates to. Bela( white ) rus ( russia ) . In my native tongue it is also called “white russia” .


Yes, as I said.


The idea that you learn the location of many places in Geography isn’t much of one here.
Geography in the UK these days at least isn’t about learning places mostly ahha (like yeah a few big case studies of a handful of places) but concepts. Plus local geography a lot of the time. Only now am I starting to pick up where and what and that lol


Here this is like the first international news on our news block after our own 35+ days protests still going and what not, because we aren’t that much different in trying to evade the communism shadow (for more than 30 years by now) I’m really not surprised by the results… the only surprising part is that there are less than 7000 arrested (and beaten) by now. I’m really wondering what happened to Tikhanovskaya … missing for few hours and providing a video of her in Lithuania (without makeup - no female will do that :D) and one hour later another video speech, but this time reading word for word from a speech… Welcome to the edge of human rights.



She’s in Lithuania now but the video in which she is reading from papers was made while she was under arrest in Belarusia, so you can imagine how “free” she was to refuse to read from those papers.


BTW, I actually heard the news story in detail on my morning PBS radio station in Michigan USA. :hushed:


I wonder what they were saying in general. Because some media outlets frame it as a way less serious thing than it actually is.