I want to hear about your experiences playing VR space/flight sims!


I have an assignment to find out about people’s experiences playing VR games and/or space/flight simulators. Any Chronies want to chat or share a story or two?


Would you elaborate a little bit more on the nature of the assignment? It might help with people fashioning answers a bit. Personally I have very little experience with VR games. Though space/flight sims perhaps slightly more, but I think depending on the degree of detail to which you would need for putting into your project, the conversations may run a bit differently.


I’m primarily aiming to talk with folks who own a VR headset, but if you’ve ever played a VR game, or been interested in doing so, that’s enough!


What do you want to know exactly? The only VR game I’ve played that fits the topic is Elite Dangerous. It was a decent experience, much like a racing game it works pretty well in VR.


I’m primarily interested in hearing how you feel about (in your case) Elite: what you like about it, what changes you’d like, etc – especially compared to other VR games you’ve played.

Would you be up for a synchronous conversation sometime this week?


That depends. I don’t really have that much to say about anything VR nor do I have experience with newer headsets (OG Rift 2016 here).
Would it be something you plan on uploading anywhere or just your own curiousity?


This is an assignment for class, so I’ll take a few notes, but I won’t be uploading our conversation anywhere. I’m happy to share a summary of what I learn if you want though.


Alright I can have a chat, not that I think I’d be much help.


Don’t undersell yourself! I’ll send you a message to set up a time. And thanks!


I know @HappyCabbage has a lot of VR games…He might be able to help if he’s around…


I’m around, and yes, happy to help. Drop me a line and let me know what you need :slight_smile: @urbivore


puts on tinfoil hat

You are an eeeeeevil scientist plotting a secret experiment under the guise of VR questions.

takes off tinfoil hat

I don’t have VR anyway so I’ll just be silly. I want to see what you turn in as an assignment after you finish though!


I should be able to share a brief write-up in August. If I forget, just send me a message.


Thanks @HappyCabbage and @Truly for sharing your perspectives!

If anyone else wants to chat about VR, or if you know someone who does, send me a message!