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I Need Some Assistance Changing my email Address


Stupid Microsoft Edge for not having a save password on site feature, one more reason why Mozilla Firefox is king :confounded:

Because of this I am locked out of the alternate email address I used to register here on I wanted to change my email address to one I most frequently use whose password I can never forget easily, but the “change password” option on here sent the email change confirmation email to the old one I used, so I can’t complete the email change. And because of this I am afraid I might lose access to my account and most importantly my chrono coins.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated guys :cry:

#2, the Chrono overlords will take good care of you i bet :+1:
if @lonin, @frst, @Ernin8t0r doesn’t just straight up handle you via PM’s here too ofc

ps, for future stuff, i highly recommend keeping a “password list” somewhere, i even believe there are some digital “master password keys” available out there(for the less paranoid inclined :sweat_smile:), so you don’t just have to rely on a browser built in “fill out” function


Thanks man, and I was so sure I used the same password on my account here and on that email, but it’s not working.

Again I blame stupid Microsoft Edge.


Next time use Lastpass or some other password manger they help big time when you don’t remember your passwords.

Also you should never use you email password for other sites that use that email.



I used to use Firefox with the Password Exported Addon, but it’s newer versions stopped support for that Godly addon. And of course I know basic internet safety measures WHICH WAS WHY I USED AN ALTERNATE ACCOUNT when I first signed up because SAFETY, Duh! So please stop being a condescending know it all as it isn’t exactly being helpful :-1:


Jeez i was just trying to be helpful man the post i quoted sounded like you were using the same passwords by the way you wrote it.


Finally managed to brute force the password by trying out all of the combinations I could think of.

And finally accessed the confirmation email to boot :grinning:

Reason for edit: Addendum
.So ok how do I lock a topic as the issue has now been resolved.

Also Firefox has a built in way of backing up user passwords and logins. And you do it by physically backing up the key4.db and logins.json files from the appdata\Roaming location… provided you saved your login information first though. And I’ve done so now too no thanks to Microsoft Edge :tired_face:

Now if you’re going to ask why I even used that piece of vaporware, my answer would be is because I sometimes use multiple web browsers to log into one site using multiple accounts, namely on Kongregate because I have multiple accounts on an MMO there and I multi client to play on there so I can always have a full party with my characters. That is when I used to be active that is.




I use last pass, it’s a password vault encrypted with a master pass that is not stored anywhere and no recovery possible, if you forget the master you’re literally f#@!ed, but it’s browser extension allow to log you in automatically in all your service once you enter you master password

sound’s like dofus, is it dofus? i bet it’s dofus



Password Exporter was\and still is, in my opinion anyway, THE BEST password management Addon that ever graced Firefox’s gallery of addons in the past as it outputs all of your stored logins and passwords into an XML file you can safely store\backup anywhere. Too bad it was abandoned by the author after Firefox updates two years ago. Thankfully as I also said above, there is a way to backup logins on Firefox, it is kinda involved though but at least it’s something.

As for the MMO on Kongregate I used to play, it’s Bit Heroes.


yea i dont consider that a real security measure, it’s better than nothing but if you store it on your computer it’s still at risk,

all my password look like that and if ever i lost my memory i lose everything because like i said there is not possible recovery of the master password


[quote=“bellegueule, post:11, topic:16576, full:true”]
…but if you store it on your computer it’s still at risk,[/quote]

That’s why I store it OFF COMPUTER, on my backup external HDD and on a USB Flashdrive I have specifically for security sensitive stuff.


which are stored where exactly?


A. Is it any business of yours? No.

B. Do you think I’m stupid enough to give out sensitive information like that to just anybody? No.

C. This thread definitely needs to be locked down ASAP…


exactly the point i’m making dude; it’s none of our business what u store yr passwords on either, and it’s just as useful or not useful as knowing where u store those devices as well

don’t get why yr so salty about it though


Seeing as @bellegueule said storing passwords on an XML file stored on my computer :thinking:isn’t a secure measure, I just thought you might just wanted to fan the flames so to speak.


no man, silly nonsensical jokes are my thing that’s all

the absurdity and grotesqueness of the question is where the fun lies for me