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Do you wipe through your legs going towards the front of you? Or, do you wipe from behind going up?

I’ve been criticised by my lack of knowledge regarding different wiping techniques.

(Also my family is falling apart, and I still have lower back pain) - Just adding this cause i need to get it off my chest.

Thank you to anyone who can shed a bit of light on this area - Thanks :smiley:


behind going up


What if I told you, that some people wipe while standing.


What if I told you, that some people don’t wipe… <.<

Just get one of these


For someone who is phenotypically male, front to back or back to front doesn’t matter, as long as you do a reasonable job with it.

For someone who is phenotypically female, front to back is proper hygiene.

I am not sure if that’s the kind of answer you are looking for, but seeing as you titled it in all caps with three exclamation marks, it seems reasonable to me to give you a proper reply.

Hope you and your family do well, and I hope that your back pain gets better. :hugs:


Ah this reminds me when summit brings up do you sit or stand to wipe on stream now and then.
I do behind going up while semi-squatting.


When the three clams arent working, standing from behind going upwards while te cat watches… the cat always watches…


do both, depending on the situation, honestly


I love each and everyone of you so much. You guys literally made my hole-week. hehehehehe


dude wtf always away from the peach and if you’re a dude it still matter you don’t want a dirty spa


Chronies come through…even in health/hygiene matters :+1:t3:


Someone been watching/listening to H3H3 podcasts? :joy:
Ethan spoke about this subject many times


This is what summit says.