i missed it again lol

I waited two weeks for the new games to be dropped and I had a countdown
and then forgot about it and keys ran out in 2 hours
I’m ultra sad lol
so after the 29th, there will be more keys or the store will close?


one game (i think the space beast one @RaccoonV?) might get a restock of keys

that is it; no more added games; no more added keys; shop disappears in exactly one month

so if u have coins, just spend them on whatever is there atm or wait and hope u can get space beast when it reappears


There is one more restock of a game
Yeah for 1 hr the coin store wasnt workin nor the forum anyways i think it was a scramble
I forgot later on and I decided to do other stuff


Yes, I read that on the Extravaganza thread too. Gonna look more into Space Beast. Only gripe is that I couldn’t make out the monsters behind the shooty shooty bang bang. Cool monster design is the best part of such games for me.

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