I just lost my streak... but I'm pretty sure I didn't miss a day

Ok, I’m really bummed right now. Lost my 288-day streak and I’m sure I didn’t miss the day before. I check the site every day :frowning: Is there a way the site devs can check on it? My christmas is ruined! :tired_face:


I think I need to adjust my definition of first-world problems now, cuz it’s obviously very outdated.


And the thing is, I kinda wanna say something along the lines of, “I feel u,” or whatever, cuz I’m not some troll or asshole and dont wanna come over as one either, but srsly mate, I like my streak as much as the next guy, but yr day, let alone yr christmas, being ruined by it??? I’m kinda hoping I’m the one being trolled here honestly.


i think i’m gonna take “ruined” as “exaggeration for emphasis” :wink:
(at least i hope so) :smile:

but, despite how sad and annoying it may be @ZIGS, “statistics” have shown us in the past, 99.9% of the time, it’s human/personal error that causes a streak to be lost unfortunately
timing is key with some things…
(-helps to be super paranoid and check in 12 times a day :blush: :crazy_face: :dizzy_face:)

(maybe check your “coin log” for irregularities),

should you feel it’s worth the hassle, you could always send an email supports way help@chrono.gg
hope you find a way to get your spirit back, even if it turns out you too “just” missed a click