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I hit 100k points! What do I win o.o


I’ve spent about 27k on store games.


Um… How about an envious pat on the back? =^_^=


perfect! tyty




Propably free cards from any and all coin shop games that have them


A big round of applause. :smiley:

:clap: for dedication. Hopefully there will be shop games that are interesting to you in the future!


Use em, check the shop and you will understand why, 5 new games are up so go for it


Wow, that a HUGE amount of coins, unfortunately they are closing the shop :disappointed_relieved: , also theyre gonna put more games on 29th of this month so you’ll have way good options to spend it


I just hit 1111 spins, it’s the end of an era…


Better get spending.


I feel like I caused this O.O